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After over 25 years in the business software solutions arena, we are seeing something totally new and very exciting – a complete end-to-end solution for all your organizational operations. Now all of your major business functions – Financial Accounting, Operational Accounting, Customer and Sales Management, Workflow, Document Management and more – are available in a single platform, a platform that can easily be extended and modified to your requirements.NexVue  is an Acumatica Gold Partner, specializing in painless migrations for users of other ERP systems, including Microsoft Dynamics, QuickBooks, and Sage 50 (Peachtree) as well as “from scratch” implementations of Acumatica.  Call us today at 203.327.0800 and let’s talk about how we can help you graduate to the latest in ERP/CRM technology in your choice of deployment options—in the Cloud, on-premise, or hosted. Cost—Cloud ERP costs less because you pay for only what you need, you benefit from the host’s economies of scale, and you can minimize your upfront spending.

Faster implementation—Acumatica Cloud ERP is already running in the Cloud.  There is no software for you to install or maintain.

Flexibility—As your company grows, your ERP implementation and storage capacity can grow in the Cloud without costly upgrades.  And the Cloud gives you freedom from “lock-in”—with your data in the Cloud, you can move it whenever need be.

Infrastructure—Since you won’t have to purchase any hardware, you will see reduced capital expenditures and expenses for hardware maintenance and upgrades.  The host environment likely has much higher level security, privacy controls, and disaster recovery.

Mobility—Your ERP in the Cloud is available to anyone with permission, wherever they are.  Your employees, customers, and vendors no longer have to sit at their desks to access the information they need.

IT staff—Free your IT staff from software implementation, maintenance, and upgrades with Cloud ERP, leaving your IT professionals to provide innovative IT solutions and support.

Collaboration—Acumatica Cloud ERP gives you the ability to more effectively communicate and collaborate and monitor projects and operations any time from any location.



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