4 Keys to Better Order Entry with Prime FoodService Distribution Software

With a time-sensitive business like foodservice distribution, the more streamlined and automated your business processes are, the faster you can do business and the more likely you are to succeed.

One of the ways that you can reduce losses from spoilage and keep your customers happy is by reducing the time it takes to enter an order. Prime FoodService Distribution Software built on the Acumatica cloud ERP platform gives you a 360⁰ view of your entire order entry process so that anyone speaking to a buyer, chef, etc. has all of the information necessary to make a sale within a single screen.

There are 4 key types of data that you can view in their entirety from the Order Entry screen in Prime:

  1. Customer Information – From the order entry screen, you can see any and all information about the customer in question, including a customer aging summary with the ability to drill down into invoices. Having all this information available on the same screen that your salesperson is entering an order gives them a greater ability to provide the best possible sales experience for your customer and deliver value back to the company.
  2. Order Information – Enter, view, and edit the total quantity, weight price, cost, gross profit and gross profit percentage so that you can see not only the details of the sale, but also how the sale is affecting your bottom line.
  3. Item Information – See at a glance the item quantity available to ensure that the order can be filled to the customer’s specifications, the last sales quantity, price and date and the current cost so that you can confirm order accuracy, and the average cost, gross profit, and gross profit percentage to see the affect of the business of this item’s sale.
  4. Pricing Data – See the current price, last sale price, contract price, or manually updated price by gross profit percentage. You also have the ability to add any new price to the contract price, all within the order entry screen.

In addition to saving time through accessing all relevant data in the order entry screen, Prime gives you the ability to quickly enter numerous line items into an order with keyboard shortcuts.

To learn more about Prime FoodService Software and how it was built to help streamline food distribution processes, download our Fact Sheet today!

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