BIO Business Intelligence

BIO is a universal reporting, analytics, and business intelligence solution that leverages your existing investment in your financial and related key operational systems.

BIO Business Intelligence, developed by BIO Analytics Corp., our sister company, is helping hundreds of companies gain deep insight into their businesses and make better decisions that make their companies more profitable.


The consultants and NexVue (now Net at Work) at BIO are business intelligence experts and will get your implementation running faster so it can provide the quickest time to value of any full BI platform. BIO enables your company to monetize the value of data with self-service interactive reporting, executive dashboards, and speed of thought analysis. Whether you are using BIO for multi-database financial analysis, consolidations, translations, to replace reporting tools, or for integration with CRM to provide a 360-degree view of customer performance, BIO – encompassing a sophisticated but easy-to-use presentation layer coupled with a broad catalog of value-added content and a powerful design and modeling platform – will turn your data into valuable insight for managing your business.

Presentation and Visualization

BIO provides the most usable, full-featured, and cost effective presentation layer, in it’s new viewer, Vue2, offering even non-technical users self-service interactive analysis and exploration, executive dashboards, and over 50 out-of-the-box standard business reports. Vue2’s web interface can stand on its own or be embedded in Microsoft Outlook, PowerPoint or SharePoint.

Value-Added Content

Out-of-the-box, Dynamics connectors go beyond traditional “keep the lights on” reporting and include valuable pre-configured metrics and KPI’s related to sales retention, customer acquisition, shipping performance document-line counts and much more. Over 50 pre-configured role based views, provide day-one value – use as is or for ideas to create your own user-designed, value-based reports and views. Most important, BIO focuses on providing information in a usable and consistent format that ensures a smooth roll-out with a minimum of user training.

Extendibility, Adaptability, and Modeling

BIO stands alone, enabling you to modify, tweak or even rebuild the solution to the specific requirements of your business, users and additional data sources. The BIO design and modeling platform puts the power back into your hands, whether designing a new roll-up using masks and ranges or creating a new data cube that includes information from disparate sources. Advanced functionality includes account mapping for consolidations and currency translations.

Features Benefits
  • Report templates
  • Microsoft Outlook “look and feel”
  • Dashboard designer
  • Unique dimension, attribute and member selection methods
  • Fully interactive graphics
  • One-click asymmetrical selections
  • Visual totals
  • In-grid calculator
  • Drag-and-drop ordering
  • Change display name
  • Multi-dimensional printing
  • “Teach” functionality
  • Style sheet formatting at the row level or member intersection
  • Dimension advanced find
  • In-cell charting traffic lights
  • Advanced API for custom integrations
  • Optimized for mobile
BIO’s easy-to-use interface, Vue2, provides a “better than Excel” user experience for the distribution, exploration, and analysis of information for the typical business user. Accessible from the Vue2 portal, Microsoft Outlook, PowerPoint, or SharePoint, Vue2 can satisfy the needs of the one-click user or the most demanding analyst. Vue2 combines the flexibility of a spreadsheet with the control of banded report writers like SSRS. Additional Vue2 features are unique in the industry. With Vue2 you get self-service, interactive reporting, analysis, and dashboarding without slogging through the IT backlog or paying consultants for every new report request.
Features Benefits
  • Over 500 pre-defined business objects
  • Intelligent value-added mapping of the database
  • Extensive and easy-to-use, time-based analysis
  • Self-configures to your dynamics set-up
  • Pre-defined metrics for customer retention customer acquisition, product life cycles, shipping performance, and more
  • Role-based cubes and a single enterprise-wide cube
  • Over 50 out-of-the-box, pre-configured role-based views
The BIO connector provides out-of-the-box translation of the database. Combined with value-added measures, a framework focused on usability, and attention to detail, BIO content creates more valuable end-user information and a more complete out-of-the-box solution.
Features Benefits
  • Extend and integrate with other databases or Excel spreadsheets
  • Modify existing cubes or create new ones from a single topic to an enterprise-wide hypercube
  • Create user-defined roll-ups using drag-and-drop, ranges, masks, and priorities
  • Consolidate multiple databases with chart of account mapping and currency translation
  • Create user-defined, drill-through transaction detail
  • Add, remove, rename new attributes for analysis
  • Employ smart data warehousing for optimal performance on a topic-by-topic basis; generate a classic data warehouse with SSIS or a virtual data-mart reading directly from the source database
  • Bi-directional interface with analysis services
  • BIO platform and object model the enables easy transition to select from new SQL 2012 BI database options
BIO is an unmatched, highly adaptable platform for deploying, modifying and extending the solution specific to your company. The BIO server manages the relationship between your specific requirements, the data sources, the BIO data warehouse and analysis services. BIO reduces the cost and turnaround time of customizing and expanding your business intelligence and reporting solution.

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