KeyChange is the most widely sold add-on product for Microsoft Dynamics SL with over 2,600 installations in over 26 countries.

Change, merge, and reformat accounts, sub-accounts, and over 40 key fields in Microsoft Dynamics SL.


Product Product Price Service Plan Price
KeyChange Standard Edition 1495 299
KeyChange Advanced Edition 2495 499
KeyChange Company-Specific Add-On Utility+ 995 199
Upgrade KeyChange Standard Edition to KeyChange Advanced Edition 1295 **
Account Master (formerly Account Analyzer) 1995 399***
ADP Upload 3000 600
AP Import 1995 399
AR Import ****
GL Upload 1995 399
GL Upload (with Mapping Tool) 2495 499
NexVue (now Net at Work) Analytics Positive Pay 2495 499


  • Service Plans required on all versions for the first year. Catchup and penalty fees are applied when renewing plans which have lapsed more than 30 days.
  • Difference in standard vs advanced support is $200 per year. If an existing standard plan has time remaining, the difference is allocated over the remaining months. If there is no plan, a full year of advanced edition is $499.
  • This is for maintenance only. Support questions are billed at a rate of S200/hr.
  • Contact NexVue (now Net at Work) Analytics at for customized pricing.
  • May own either KeyChange Standard or Advanced Edition. Allows you to change account, sub and acct-sub combinations for one company at a time in a multi‚ÄĘcompany database.
  • Phone Support Billing Procedures: Resellers receive margins on the initial support plan sale.
  • Support plan renewals are invoiced directly to clients (no reseller margin).
  • Other Services: Testing KeyChange with your files is billed at a rate of $200/hr.
  • Database KeyChange services (we run KeyChange on your data files and send the changed data back to you.) are billed at $200/hr.

Read the datasheet and see the list of accounts and special screens that KeyChange optimizes