Prime FoodService Software

A modern Cloud distribution business software provides real-time, organization-wide inventory data to create proactive, responsive replenishment operations and minimize inventory costs.

Improve your entire order-to-customer-to-cash-cycle with efficiencies gained through functionality built specifically for the needs of distributors.

Why Prime for FoodService Distribution

Prime builds on the industry leading Cloud ERP platform of Acumatica to address the unique needs of food distributors. The Acumatica app provides full access to Prime from any device, so that your people can be equipped with the ability to view and edit data wherever your business takes them, whether it’s in the office, on the warehouse floor, capturing customer signatures verifying delivery, or meeting with potential new customers.

Complete ERP Solution

Prime is a complete ERP solution for food distributors that will help streamline inventory, quickly create orders, and improve customer communications.

With Prime, foodservice distributors are able to use advanced business information and built-in dashboards to manage the entire business from a single view so that you can:

  • manage sales margins
  • improve workflow throughout the company
  • buy and proactively sell the right products

Improve your entire order-to-customer-to-cash cycle, with efficiencies gained through functionality built specifically for the needs of food distributors.

360° View of Order Entry

Streamline the order process with an Order Entry screen that contains all the information necessary for anyone speaking to a buyer, chef, etc. to make the sale within a single screen, including:

  • Complete customer information including a customer aging summary with the ability to drill down into invoices
  • Order information including the total quantity, weight price, cost, gross profit and gross profit percentage
  • Item information such as quantity available, last sales quantity, price and date, current price, average cost, gross profit and gross profit percentage
  • Pricing data that covers the current price, last sale price, contract price (with the ability to add any new price to the contract price), or manually updated price by gross profit percentage.

Get to know Prime Food Service Software with this on-demand demo: