Acumatica Moves from Efficiency to Intelligence with Investment in R&D


Acumatica proves its intention continue to lead the introduction of new cloud ERP functionality through its strong investment in research and development. In fact, 74% of Acumatica employees are in R&D.

Whereas previous generations of technology were focused on making companies more efficient and giving them more control and insight. In the current generation of technology, the value, especially of an ERP solution, is derived by making a company smarter. That’s why, when looking at our current generation of technology development, Acumatica checks all of the boxes:

  • It leverages Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning
  • The system helps you code it
  • It looks at history to predict the future transactions
  • The system is processing on its own
    • Delivers zero-touch bank reconciliation and Accounts Payable processing
  • The system is constantly monitoring both internal and external data to make suggestions on what might affect sales
    • Look at inventory levels or weather patterns
    • Monitor online sources for customer and contact news

For example, a distributor of electric generators could be alerted about an upcoming storm and reallocate its inventory to different locations to maximize its revenue.

While this idea of moving from efficiency to intelligence isn’t necessarily new in the tech world, but it is new to ERP systems.

Acumatica’s VP of Platform & Technology, Ajoy Krishnamoorthy, explained the move from efficiency to intelligence this way, “From a user standpoint, nothing changes but the system automatically gives them insights based on all the data and presents the right set of actionable items.”

With most ERP solutions, you will be equipped with business insights to help you make decisions. Thanks to Acumatica’s commitment to staying on the leading edge of technology advancements, with Acumatica Cloud ERP, you will be empowered and guided to make the best business decisions and take the most effective actions for your business success.

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