Acumatica Solidifies Status as MidMarket ERP Champion

The true measure of an ERP provider is how happy its clients are with their decision to partner with them. For all the measurable metrics, if a client isn’t happy with the service, the service is worthless. Info-Tech recently released their 2022 Emotional Footprint Report, in which they rank 23 mid-market ERP solutions based on real user feedback. In this report Acumatica were classified as one of only four Mid-Market Champions, ranking highly in most fields, and coming out strongly against all competitors.

Acumatica scored highly and consistently across the board thanks to its well-rounded, user friendly platform, and did so with nearly double the reviews of the other highly rated platforms. Acumatica scored highly in efficiency and integrity, and its policies were rated “altruistic” and “vendor friendly”, outranking competitor NetSuite in both regards.

Acumatica also scored highly in categories related to contracts and negotiations. Acumatica’s contract policies were rated both “generous” and “transparent” by users, scoring in the top three in both categories. Users also gave Acumatica high marks for over-delivering in a field of competitors that over-promised. Acumatica also was rated as one of the easiest to negotiate with, well above nearest competitors Sage and NetSuite, with a noted lack of “hardball tactics”.

Strategy and Innovation is an important category for future-focused companies, and Acumatica ranked highly there as well. Acumatica received high marks for its policy of not charging for product enhancements, a continuation of their “client first” mentality. Users rated Acumatica as “inspiring” for its ability to spur on and handle changes, enabling innovation in day to day use.

“Product impact” can be a broad category, encompassing criteria such as reliability, productivity, and performance improvements. Acumatica scored well in each of these unique metrics, often equaling or topping nearest competitors. Tellingly, Acumatica did not receive a single negative score in the reliability metric, a testament to the stability and consistency of the system. Acumatica’s security features were also ranked highly, with users feeling supported by them rather than constricted, something not all mid-market ERP platforms can claim.

To summarize- Acumatica’s consistent, user-focused approach makes it a Mid-Market Champion, with high scores across the board. While other ERP providers can boast high marks in one or even two categories and metrics, it is very hard to match, let alone top, Acumatica’s consistent, customer-driven performance.


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