Dashboards—Leaders’ Format of Choice


Business leaders prefer to see their data in dashboards according to a report excerpt that is posted on BussinessIntelligence.com.  The report shows that while more than 50% of business leaders surveyed prefer dashboards, only about 15% are consuming their data this way today.  In fact, the two most common delivery formats today are paper at about 20% and email at about 35%.

An ERP with dashboard capabilities will allow you to deliver the information in your ERP in a format that business leaders and other users will read.  Dashboards need to be engaging and interactive to attract users, but then they need to deliver accurate, timely information to make them an essential business tool.  They need to be easy to use and access.  Delivering dashboards via the Cloud will mean that your business leaders can look at these dashboards as their time permits from wherever they are on whatever device they have at hand.

Being easily customizable is critical—that same report says that only 1 in 4 CEOs say their reports contain the information they need and want.  Not only do dashboards and reports need to be designed for the user at the outset, things change.  Inputs, business projects and circumstances, and even the leaders themselves change, so dashboards and reports need to be easily adapted to suit the current conditions.

The report also says that 74% of business leaders get their data from multiple, unconnected sources.  ERPs are commonly connected to customer relationship management (CRM) systems, customer service systems, vendor management systems, and more. Your ERP can go a long way to eliminating the need to integrate data from unconnected databases if it is a complete ERP that provides fully integrated modules like these in a single platform.

Acumatica Cloud ERP provides great looking, readable dashboards and reports that are easily customizable.  It is a complete ERP solution that provides fully integrated modules for financial and operational management.  If your business leaders want to see their data, their way, on their schedule, using their devices, call NexVue at 203.327.0800 to find out how Acumatica can help you meet their needs.

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You can access that report excerpt here.

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