Evaluating ERP: What to Look for from a Productivity Perspective


Selecting a new ERP system can be a daunting task. Considering the system will touch every aspect of your business there are a myriad of considerations that must be carefully weighed. With so many decisions that need to be made it can be difficult to narrow down what to focus on.

To assist, NexVue presents an ERP Evaluation Checklist to assist businesses in choosing a prospective partner. The first major category on the checklist strikes right to the heart of why many companies choose to upgrade their ERP system: productivity.


Several key considerations revolve around just how easy a system is for its end users. A highly functional system with a difficult user interface could potentially cause more problems than it fixes, so most companies have ease of use as a top requirement. This category can include how easy the system is for a new user to grasp their job’s requirements as well as how easy it is to troubleshoot problems that pop up. This includes if a solution has built in help or wiki support.


The other main concern for the vast majority of businesses is just how effectively the ERP system will provide workflow improvements. One key aspect of a modern ERP solution is its ability to automate processes, notifications, and approvals, allowing users more time to work on other, more intensive tasks. Other considerations under this umbrella include a platform’s ability to operate in multiple languages and with multiple currencies, a must-have feature for many businesses operating internationally, and reporting functionality, which gives users in depth, real-time detailed information about a wide variety of aspects of the company. This visibility allows users to make rapid, informed decisions.


A modern technology solution can only be effective if it able to be accessed by all users who need to use it. Especially with the global health crisis still forcing many companies to implement remote work policies a cloud-based system, able to be accessed from anywhere, is more vital than ever before. This includes world-wide document managing, ensuring all users have access to key documents. This is achieved by ensuring that all information is contained within a single system. Not only does this guarantee accuracy across users, as there is only one version of “the truth”, but also cuts down on time and money needed to maintain system integration.


These criteria are key for deciding if a potential ERP partner makes the grade in regards to productivity. The ideal provider will have a platform that is easily accessible for all of its users, easy to learn how to use, and offers complete viability in to the entire operation of the company. To see how an particular platform stacks up get a copy of our ERP Evaluation Checklist today.



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