EZ-Collect for Acumatica

EZ-Collect for Acumatica enables you to maximize your accounts receivable collection efforts.

With EZ-Collect you increase your cash flow as your accounts receivable, days outstanding, and bad debt write-off decrease. EZ-Collect leverages tasks, activities, and notes in your Acumatica system to create automated workflow that makes collectors more effective and more efficient.

Create an Automated Workflow that Makes Collectors More Effective and More Efficient

  • Increase cash flow
  • Reduce bad debt expense
  • Reduce accounts receivable days outstanding
  • Enable collectors to be more effective in their efforts
  • Provide information for better management of the collections function
EZ-Collect helps manage the entire collections effort by providing rules-based automation, empowering the collector to accept on-the-spot payments and manage requests for extended credit. Rules-based automation automatically assigns troubled invoices to collectors and assigns collection tasks, preventing individual invoices and troubled accounts from “falling through the cracks.” These tasks help direct and prioritize the overall collection efforts, whether there is one collector or many.


When EZ-Collect is implemented with EZ-Pay, collectors will have the ability to accept credit card or e-check payments while on the phone. Anyone who has had to ask for payments knows how important it is to be able to accept payments in the moment–once the delinquent party hangs up, most good intentions to “get the check out right away” dissolve into inaction and non-payment.

EZ-Collect provides insight for the accounting function as well, identifying troubled accounts and enabling a more accurate projection of bad debt write-offs. EZ-Collect also allows management to more carefully monitor the activity and productivity for individual collectors and the collection function as a whole, providing quantitative and qualitative information for management decision making.

Download the EZ-Collect for Acumatica Data Sheet