How ERP Can Alleviate Equipment Rental Shortage Challenges

Businesses in every industry were affected by  “The Great Resignation” and the equipment rental industry is no exception. The American Rental Association (ARA) recently reported over 4000 available job postings in their portal.

The labor shortage creates a costly and complex problem for companies who rent equipment while they try to grow their businesses in a time of high demand with limited resources.

The SMB Group released an Infographic that states that 2/3 of SMBs worry about the talent shortage, but they’re also confident that they’ll meet their hiring goals in the coming year. Their confidence is based on taking specific actions to alleviate the concern, including using technology to automate tasks and replace human labor.

“SMBs are…putting automation to work to automate tasks and replace human labor—enabling their employees to spend more time on higher value, more engaging work,” the Infographic notes.

One of the best ways for an equipment rental company to automate is through implementing a modern, agile ERP solution.

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Elements of ERP to Attract, Retail, and Optimize Talent

There are some common elements that all companies that rent out equipment need in a modern ERP system in order to help them do more with fewer people:

  • Easy to Use
  • Easy Reporting Without IT
  • Remote Accessibility & Mobility
  • Leading Technology & Ongoing Development
  • Built for the Equipment Rental Industry

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View our “Leverage Technology to Overcome the Rental Labor Shortage” webinar On-Demand

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