How is Your Distribution Operation Handling Holiday Demand?

As the holiday season approaches distribution companies continue to face serious challenges from the pandemic, supply chain issues, and difficulty finding and training enough employees to meet demand. Companies that have a forward-thinking mindset have turned to Warehouse Spatial Intelligence (WSI) solutions, emerging technology focused on optimizing warehouse productivity, efficiency, and safety. This approach combines real-time data and advanced analytics, and requires an ERP system that is up to the job. It can, however, alleviate much of the difficulty distributors face.

Increase Productivity and Utilize Assets Better

WSI solutions have been shown to increase productivity in the workforce by up to 30%. By monitoring Key Performance Indicators (KPI), WSI solutions allow distributors to keep a close eye on their productivity.

Automated analytics allow for optimization of routes, scheduling, and task assignments, eliminating the need for managers to manually assign them. Loading docks can also be optimized to substantially reduce truck dwelling time and more efficient loading and unloading.

A modern ERP solution such as Acumatica provides these users with the real-time data visibility needed to make the most out of these efficiency-optimizing tools, ensuring businesses data is always available and up to date.

Optimize Warehouse Layout and Improve Safety Across the Floor

With the real time data capabilities of Acumatica, WSI solutions can provide real-time heatmaps of warehouses at the isle and shelf level, allowing companies to reduce congestion and optimize space utilization.

Integrating WSI functionality with warehouse management systems also improves slotting and inventory placement through the use of intelligent recommendations. These same heat maps can also be a vital tool in the effort to keep the warehouse safe.

Many companies are facing challenges in hiring and onboarding new employees during this busy time, and these real time maps can be a crutch for new hires, avoiding dangerous overcrowding situations. WSI also offer enhanced forklift capabilities, lowering the risk of dangerous situations in the warehouse.

With the increasing commodification of battery-operated wireless cameras, sensors, and other tools, WSI solutions are increasingly scalable and affordable for businesses of near any size. By partnering with a complete ERP solution such as Acumatica, distributors can put themselves in the best possible position to capitalize on the myriad benefits WSI integration can bring to a business.

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