How Rental Companies Stay MEWP Compliant with Cloud ERP


The American National Standards Institute is introducing new mobile elevating work platform (MEWP) standards that start on March 1st, 2020.

Known as ANSI A92, these new requirements replace the current standards established by ANSI A92.3, 92.5, 92.6 and 92.8. These standards change many aspects of MEWP compliance, with a focus on safe use, training requirements, and design. Some significant departures from previous requirements include updates to MEWP designs, changing manuals and other documentation, introducing on-demand familiarization, and implementing new training procedures.

Staying in compliance can be an onerous process, but a new business platform can do the heavy lifting for your company. 

Rental360, built in the Acumatica Cloud ERP platform, is a complete, modern business solution that can help equipment rental companies of all sizes comply with the new MEWP requirements. 

Track MEWP Equipment 

Easily see your entire MEWP fleet with their maintenance records, repair history, and inspections readily available. The manufacturer’s manual, operator instructions, and other vital documents can be added to the equipment listing for easy access. 

Understand a Customer’s MEWP History

When a client rents a MEWP, you can view their entire history and other important details about that account. Your business can proactively reach out to customers to cover new safety features and explain why the MEWP equipment may be different from what they’re used to. You can also make personalized equipment recommendations based on their needs and available resources. 

Access Resources from the Field 

Your workers shouldn’t need to come back to the main office when they need training material, maintenance records and other important information. Rental360 supports mobile access in the field, cutting down on travel time and back and forth phone calls. Their productivity goes up when they don’t have unnecessary downtime. 

Streamline your compliance efforts and improve your customer and employee experience through this robust technology. 

Learn more about Rental360 and MEWP compliance here…

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