NexVue has worked with clients across many industries, and over the past 25 years. We have developed unique expertise in several industries that are especially well suited to our products and services.

Thousands trust NexVue’s 30 years of experience to deliver elegant & seamless solutions to complex implementations.

Equipment Rental

To win in today’s highly-competitive market, rental companies need an ERP solution that handles rentals all in one platform, supports great customer service and provides the internal controls needed to grow business.

Rental360 is a complete solution, built in the Acumatica Cloud ERP platform that is modern, connected, and built for the way rental companies work. Designed for companies who rent industrial equipment or consumer goods as their primary business or rent inventory as a secondary line of service, our complete 360⁰ solution manages the entire rental process from check-out and delivery to check-in and inspection.

Rental360 provides a “cockpit control center” for complete tracking and management of assets with easy to use interfaces that help optimize time with your customers. Functions for rental operations include financial, operations, asset management, ticket and customer management.

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Improve your entire order-to-customer-to-cash cycle, with efficiencies gained through functionality built specifically for the needs of food distributors.

Minimize Costs and Improve Customer Satisfaction
Efficiently manage distribution processes with real-time visibility of available inventory, inventory in transit, reorder quantities, and inventory costs. Minimize inventory and costs; optimize quoting, acceptance, entry, and fulfillment processes.

Reduce Order Times
Eliminate delays through automated sales order processes and route delivery generation. Set rules to manage multiple warehouses, returns, credit limits, drop shipments, and more. Automatically calculate catch weight for any inventory item with varied units of measure. Enter numerous items quickly using keyboard shortcuts.

Know Where Your Business Is
Ensure a steady supply of stock by optimizing and automating your purchasing process and enable vendor rebates for a true picture of your earned income.

Know Your True Costs
Determine real-time profitability by warehouse, product line, location, or business unit. Use real-time information to control costs and the entire supply chain.

Business Intelligence & Advanced Analytics
With integrated Microsoft Power BI analytics, you have a single view of all of your most critical business data. Monitor the health of your business using a live dashboard with rich, configurable, interactive reports. See any data, anywhere, anytime with native Mobile applications.

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Time is money, and nowhere is that more true then in a Professional Service organization (PSO). As a PSO you live and die by your ability to mange resources, projects and billing. In a PSO your most expensive people need a solution that enables them to focus on their client deliverables and with minimal effort track and bill time and expense.

A PSO organizations need to handle one or more of the topics below:

  • Project Tracking
  • Personnel time management
  • Billing
  • Revenue Recognition

Managing a portfolio of highly visible projects that have a direct impact on your bottom line has special requirements from planning through final billing.  Additionally, current trends like the commoditization of many services, decreasing project margins, and increased competition as a result of economic conditions and technology breakthroughs have made it imperative to be able to track and analyze every detail of individual projects and project portfolios. NexVue has implemented hundreds of ERP and reporting solutions for professional services companies and has the experience to get your solution done right, on time, and within budget. NexVue consultants have the situational fluency to help you incorporate best practices into your processes that will enable the most effective use of your ERP for your particular project-driven company.

The Acumatica Cloud-based solution for Professional Services is an All In One solution. A single platform for Financial Accounting , Project Accounting, Time capture, Expense capture, Customer management and Client billing.

Having a single platform means there are no integration issues and no duplicate data entry—the Project Accounting functionality is organized in the Project Management module, however it is visible in all of the other modules such as General Ledger and the Employee Portal.  Acumatica’s Cloud-based ERP is available from anywhere, at any time, and on any device with a browser so you can work from your tablet or smart phone as well as from a Mac or PC. Here are some of the key capabilities of Acumatica Cloud-based ERP for professional services companies:

Download the Acumatica Project Accounting Data Sheet
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More than most other industries, the wholesale and distribution (WD) industry has the opportunity to leverage the new generation of ERP software into more efficient operations, better customer retention, and increased margins. Small and medium distributors must keep up with multi-channel distribution options, shorter fulfillment cycles and higher customer expectations from delivery to payment options and warehouse management. With Acumatica these functions can now be delivered cost effectively to the small and medium size distributor.

The functionality required by the WD industry was designed into Acumatica from the very beginning and NexVue consultants will design and implement a solution that fits your WD needs, putting you that much ahead of your competition.

To stay ahead of the competition, WD companies need to implement technologies that integrate business systems and provide visibility across not only the entire company, but across customers and suppliers as well. Enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems designed for the WD industry need to enable companies to be customer focused and operationally ready.

NexVue provides and implements Acumatica WD ERP systems that serve customers from “quote to cash” while optimizing the supply side of distribution operations and enabling better decision making with more accurate financial and operational information. Acumatica addresses the specific needs of the WD industry with inventory management, customer relationship management (CRM), sales order and purchase order management, portals, EDI, barcoding, and more.

One of the most impactful advancements in IT has been the Cloud. Acumatica harnesses the advantages of the Cloud, giving even small to mid-size firms all of the computing power they need without having to pay the high entry costs of hardware and infrastructure. This helps to limit the playing field with larger competitors and flexible licensing options make Acumatica even more affordable. Cloud ERP provides anywhere, anytime access from any device, which is especially suited to workers in the wholesale and distribution industry who may need access from a warehouse floor or from the road.

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