New Ways to Generate Revenue with Acumatica CRM

One of the most vital workflow processes for any company is that of obtaining leads and ultimately turning them into new customers. By streamlining every aspect of the sales pipeline Acumatica makes finding new leads and turning them into customers intuitive, efficient, and easy.

Visual Business Card Recognition

A key aspect of this streamlining process is the business card recognition system Acumatica now employs. Acumatica captures a photo of the business card for a potential lead, reading all relevant information and loading it into the system as a new lead. This information is all able to be manually reconciled in the system on the off chance something does not scan correctly from the business card. This system is ideal for organizations that frequent trade shows, allowing their salespeople to quickly scan a business card in lieu of taking the time to enter each potential new lead’s information manually.

Duplicate Identification and reconciliation during Lead Creation

When it comes time to convert these potential leads to actual opportunities there are several improvements over previous iterations of Acumatica, as well as other ERP platforms. The first of which is duplication identification- a key feature preventing copious amounts of merging records, double entries, and other inefficiencies.

Automatic Updating of Sales Opportunity Statuses

When a potential customer is ready to make a purchase the lead can be opened and marked as won, triggering the process to transfer the account from a lead to a business account. When this occurs any additional required information can be added to the system, but all information from the original lead is retained for easy transfer. Here any information about what product or products they are interested is stored- the lead features full drill-down functionality, which is carried over into the new status. This is all easily changeable, so if the potential customer decides to shift focus to a new product, a new record is not required, nor is an old record in need of deletion.

Side Panel Options

Acumatica’s intuitive design offers a side-panel where a quick update of all accounts can be seen, including outstanding opportunities, which can be opened from that screen. Account statuses no longer need to be manually updated, the system puts them into the correct status automatically.

Create a Sales Order from the Opportunity

When it comes time for the purchase to be put into the system a sales order can be created from the opportunity screen, populating the items from the previous screen, as well as all relevant detail about the purchaser. This sales order is automatically populated to the shipping department, including any relevant information about drop shipping.

Automatic Drop-Ship Creation

Drop shipping, or shipping directly to a customer instead of to the vendor, has become an increasingly vital component for many businesses, and Acumatica has implemented key enhancements in this field, making it easy to create purchase orders that require drop shipping. Once the order is created new linking is available to streamline the workflow for users, as well as visibility into where documents are being sent to and from, as well as sales order linkage. This also exists on the sales order side, ensuring equal visibility.

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Enhanced Linking of Sales Order and Purchase Orders

Once the purchase order has been executed it is removed from hold status and you can enter a PO receipt, indicating that the process of drop-shipping to the customer has begun. Once the customer receives the shipment a vendor reference number can be entered, releasing the purchase receipt to the vendor, ensuring all departments within your company, as well as your vendors, have full visibility into where an order is, regardless of whether it’s being shipped to the vendor or directly to the customer.

Return Items Directly to Vendors

In the event that the customer is unhappy with their received products, Acumatica enables products to be returned directly to vendors, rather than being forced to go through distributor’s warehousing, drastically reducing processing times. Once the return is marked as received the system automatically creates the necessary debit adjustment in the financials section, as Acumatica is a complete solution, meaning no cross-platform changes are required.

See It In Action

Acumatica offers a 360 degree process for converting potential leads into real customers, and streamlining the process to efficiently and effectively complete and track those sales, even when drop-shipping is required.

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