System Configuration and Go Live

At the beginning of this year, my first NexVue (now Net at Work) client went live on Acumatica.  Leading up to the go-live date, I became stressed thinking of things that could go wrong, but let me tell you that it was a lot of wasted anxiety.   Taking a client live on Acumatica versus my experience with a legacy product was a night-and-day difference.

Leading up to the go-live date, the client tested certain scenarios in a development database.  At the point of go-live, this testing far from being fully done, but the client needed the transition to progress according to schedule.  From personal experience, I know that most clients can devote only certain amount of time to testing and later realize that it was not enough time when it’s time to go live.

Personal pro-tip: I recommend that all end users looking or in the process of transitioning to a new ERP software platform know your data inside and out and understand how it’s going to be processed in the Acumatica platform. This includes understanding how the new platform works and how it can be tailored to your needs.  By taking this initiative, it will make the transition smoother and easier for both you and the consultant—an ultimate win-win.

So after months of Acumatica training and client consulting with NexVue (now Net at Work), it was time to transition my client off of their old legacy product and into the Acumatica SaaS model.  As with most transitions there were bumps along the road that, even with the best foresight and planning, could not be foreseen.  But with the support of the experienced NexVue (now Net at Work) team, as new challenges arose I was able to identify and resolve them quickly.

The hardest challenge that I faced in my first Acumatica go-live was mastering my client’s invoice process and customizing their invoice forms.  Once I understood how the invoice process worked, I had to re-create the process in Acumatica.  It took some time to fully understand the process and determine how this could be best handled through Acumatica.

Next I turned to the Acumatica Report Designer to create the invoice forms.  This was the first time that I worked with Acumatica Report Designer and it was a hands-on learning experience.  With testing I was able to work through problems that occurred during the invoice creation process.

I also found importing the open accounts receivable a bit challenging because my client was already live in Acumatica when this data was turned over to me.  By using snapshots of their database and testing this import in a development environment, I was able to import of the open accounts receivable without a hitch.

Acumatica has proven to be a dream to customize and implement.  Overall, I am very pleased with my first Acumatica transition and I look forward to many more in the months and years to come.

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