Where Does ERP Fit in Your Business Continuity Plan?

Businesses are becoming more and more aware of the need for a business continuity (BC) plan- a set of actions or ideas to mitigate business disruption in the event of natural disaster, cyber attack, or other event that would impact a company’s ability to conduct operations. These plans are becoming vital parts of operation, but many companies are still failing to take into account the massive impact their ERP platform can have on forming and implementing a successful BC plan.

An ERP system, if chosen correctly, should be leveraging all the data a company produces and aggregates. This data is the key to operations, and any BC plan should have a major focus on securing that data. Modern, agile ERP platforms are cloud-based, allowing users to work from anywhere, a key element in keeping operations running in the event of a natural disaster or other event that would normally disrupt the ability of a business to operate in office- a key goal of all BC plans.

This cloud-based nature also ensures that the data users are operating with is continually up-to-date, allowing for better spur of the moment decision making in the event of a crisis. With no risk of data being out of date, businesses can be sure they are making the most informed decision for themselves and customers. Smart businesses will also use ERP’s predictive analytics to anticipate and make decisions on events as they unfold- acting instead of reacting.

Businesses need to be prepared for all eventualities- that requires a business continuity plan. Choosing a modern, agile ERP platform and making it the center of a continuity plan will give businesses of any type a leg up on the competition and a vital life-line in the case of the unthinkable happening.

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