Why the User Friendliness of Acumatica ERP Matters More Than You Realize


One of the most important things for you to understand about running a business in the digital era is that your employees are ultimately only as effective as the software you’ve given them to use every day. In the best case scenario, an ERP system should make their lives easier. It should put them in a better position to do their jobs in a more effective way. It should constantly reveal opportunities to work smarter, not harder – something that will directly impact the relationships you’re able to forge with your own clients as well.

The easiest way to make sure that your employees cannot enjoy these benefits is to saddle them with an unfriendly solution that is as cumbersome to use as it is ineffective at supporting their existing workflows. This is why user satisfaction and user friendliness have always been major concerns for the development team behind Acumatica ERP – and why it’s so important that Acumatica’s solution remains at the head of the pack in terms of solutions you can depend on moving forward.

The Importance of User Friendliness

G2 Crowd, the industry leading business software review platform, recently used over 400,000 verified user reviews to compare the user friendliness of different cloud ERP software options. When compared against three of its industry competitors and judged on 26 different categories, Acumatica’s option came out on top in a full 16 of them.

Just a few of the categories that Acumatica ERP earned high marks in include but are not limited to things like AR automation, invoice customization, budgeting and forecasting, inventory pricing and costing, data import and export tools, time and expense and more. Acumatica was always intended to be something of a “one-stop-shop,” allowing users access to a single point-of-entry for making it easier than ever to handle their financial and operational data needs. But the key word in that sentence is “easy” – without a solid focus on user friendliness, it’s far too easy for a solution like this to become a “Jack of all trades, master of none.” It can do many different things, but it doesn’t do any particular one very well – thus cutting off business users from many of the advantages they thought they were buying into. The G2 Crowd report goes a long way towards proving that Acumatica has truly built a user friendly, cloud-based platform that is built to easily address the needs of almost any customer.

In an era where more and more businesses are embracing the advantages of digital transformation with open arms, it often falls to software to help act as the fulcrum of that transition. A rock solid foundation of technology is no longer a recommendation, but a requirement – helping businesses both meet the demands of today and rise to the challenges of tomorrow. Thanks to its ongoing focus on user friendliness among other qualities, Acumatica is proud to offer a solution that is built to help businesses like yours accomplish exactly that.

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