3 Ways Acumatica 2021 R1 Will Change the Cloud ERP Game


In Mid-March Acumatica will be releasing the first of it’s bi-annual product updates, 2021 R1. This article will highlight three key areas that are the focus of this update, and list several features that businesses can use to optimize their operations.

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Superior Usability

Acumatica continues to deliver the best, most accessible ERP solution for businesses of all kinds. Acumatica is 100% browser based, meaning it can be accessed from anywhere with any internet connected device. Acumatica features flexible workflows and a modern, easy to navigate UI, meaning no advanced training is required to use the system.

  • Improved mobile image recognition allows for easy recognition of business cards and other scanned items, as well as the ability to create CRM contacts from scanned items
  • Enhanced side panels for improved ordering and visibility
  • Generic Inquiry (GI) results have been improved, allowing for messaging to be easily generated through targeted GI results, as well as improved ability to navigate to URLs from GI results

Best in Class Functionality

Acumatica’s blend of industry specific functionality and top of the line mission-critical components makes it the ideal choice for growth focused mid-market businesses. These industry specific improvements are just a sampling of the high-level functionality Acumatica brings companies:

Financials & CRM:

  • Centralized vendor management for simplified operations
  • Quality of data improvements through Acumatica’s CRM deduplication technology
  • Sale order contact tracking for simple support and sales maximization

Distribution & Commerce

  • Streamlined cross-company sales, including automatic purchase and sale order generation
  • Enhanced drop-ship workflows to maximize product offerings
  • Reduced collections by gathering risk data
  • Increase sync control with custom commerce fields and granular options

Manufacturing & Field Service

  • Arena integration for product lifecycle management
  • Accurate delivery commitments through APS
  • Simplify cost tracking by linking AP bills to field service appointments
  • Boost customer responsiveness by simplifying invoice correction


  • Procore integration enhancements for increased usability
  • CFMA Benchmark allows for comparison with peers to see how you stack up

A Powerful, Flexible Platform

Acumatica provides businesses of all stripes a future-proof platform- one that will continue to evolve and grow with their needs, not hamper them as technology continues to change. With powerful tools such as AI, machine learning, and business intelligence software, companies will continue to be on the cutting edge. Improvements in this release include:

  • AI/ML powered mobile image recognition
  • KPI Meter dashboard tracking and dynamic goals for easy visibility into key area success
  • Canadian market support, including French-Canadian language
  • Advanced workflow engine for application optimization

2021 R1 is just another step in Acumatica’s ongoing commitment to be the top in class solution for growing, forward thinking businesses.

Join the Acumatica 2021 R1 Virtual Launch Event on February 18th

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