6 Exciting Enhancements in Acumatica 2021 R2


As a leader in the ERP field Acumatica continues to deliver enhancements and improvements to its top of the line platform. The latest release is Acumatica 2021 R2, which delivers several key improvements  across areas such as integration, infrastructure, and user experience and usability. These improvements allow companies to continue their digital transformation, growing, evolving, and innovating.

CRM Integration

One of the key improvements in 2021R2 is improved integration of CRM into Acumatica ERP. By integrating top-tier customer resource management into the base ERP platform Acumatica delivers a complete experience for businesses focusing on customer interaction. Integrated CRM allows for easier upsell and cross-sale potential for sales teams, and includes the ability to build out custom email campaigns directly from the system, including full, real time results which are, like most of Acumatica, fully drill-down capable. Commerce integration also makes it possible to link vendors websites with system.

Adobe PDF Annotator and Microsoft Teams Integrations

Improvements to ordering functionality allow for easier case creation for missing or damaged shipments. Purchase/sales orders can be linked directly to the case for better visibility, and automation can be set up to ensure the cases are assigned to the correct person each time. Integration with Adobe PDF annotator allows for easy attaching and editing of PDFs from within Acumatica, erasing the need to use an outside app. Integration with MS Teams also allows for better accountability, as cases and documents can be added into teams directly from Acumatica, as well as messaging from within the app.

Globalization Enhancements

Globalization improvements take center stage in Acumatica 2021 R2, which now features support for cross-border, multi-company organizations. This functionality allows for all the relevant paperwork involved in international transactions to be handled “behind the scenes” by Acumatica, eliminating a costly time sink for businesses that deal with other nations. Multi-currency support is now available within Acumatica, allowing for businesses to operate in whatever currency their locale dictates. Localized versions of Acumatica are beginning to be deployed, starting with Canada, with more to come in the future.

 Visual Workflow Engine

The Visual Workflow Engine allows users to set up no-code or low-code fixes and integrations, increasing the customization capability of Acumatica without having to rely on code-heavy solutions the average user is not fluent in. The Visual Workflow Engine is a powerful tool in the arsenal of maximizing efficiency by customizing functionality to a businesses needs.

Improved Generic Inquiry

Improvements to generic inquires also expand the range of functionality users can customize within the base Acumatica platform without relying on complicated coding.

AI and Machine Learning

Last but far from least are the improvements to AP Document Recognition– an existing feature within Acumatica that has been buffed up in response to user feedback. Using AI and machine learning the speed and accuracy of document scanning has been improved. This functionality can also integrate with Microsoft Outlook for additional automation options.

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