Acumatica Awards MVP Honors to Both NexVue (now Net at Work) Team and Clients

Both NexVue (now Net at Work) Information Systems’ clients and team members were honored as Acumatica MVPs at the annual Acumatica Summit, taking place this week in Las Vegas, Nevada.

According to Acumatica, “Acumatica MVPs are hardworking, dedicated, and passionate supporters of Acumatica’s product and xRP platform. Rather than hording their cloud ERP knowledge, they share their wisdom freely.”

Acumatica MVPs also:

  • Participate in Acumatica online communities
  • Join Acumatica webinars
  • Attend Acumatica Launch Day/Roadshow events and annual Summits
  • Engage with the Acumatica team (sharing feedback and offering improvement suggestions)

“The Acumatica MVP Program is our way of shining the spotlight on Acumatica community members who go above and beyond in their efforts to help members of the community find success with our acclaimed cloud ERP solution,” said Ajoy Krishnamoorthy, Vice President of Platform Strategy at Acumatica.

Fabuwood Wins 2019 Customer of the Year
Acumatica CEO Jon Roskill, Sendy Stern from Fabuwood, and Dan Schwartz of NexVue (now Net at Work) on stage together at Acumatica Summit 2019 when Fabuwood was named Customer of the Year

For the fourth consecutive year, NexVue (now Net at Work) President and Founder, Daniel Schwartz, was honored as an Acumatica Partner MVP.

In addition, Sendy Stern, Senior Vice President of Technology for Fabuwood, a NexVue (now Net at Work) client, was named a 2022 Acumatica Customer MVP for his participation in the Acumatica community.

Fabuwood, one of the largest kitchen manufacturers in the U.S., was previously honored by Acumatica as their 2018 Customer of the Year. “Their story of growth and success is an excellent example of how economic value can be achieved when a company recognizes that technology is a critical component of their business strategy,” said Jon Roskill, Acumatica CEO.

Stern attributes Fabuwood’s record-breaking growth to efficiencies gained from Acumatica and, as a result, has become an advocate for the cloud ERP solution and an active member of the Acumatica community.

“Playing a role in Fabuwood’s success with Acumatica as their partner has been a true privilege,” said Schwartz. “Their focus on technology as a critical piece of their corporate strategy enabled them to embrace Acumatica fully and quickly which has paid dividends for the organization. We are pleased and proud to see Sendy’s ongoing engagement with the Acumatica community recognized by naming him a fellow Acumatica MVP.”

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