Best Way to Improve Business Insights at Low Operational Cost


In the current state of our world, two years into the COVID pandemic, businesses operating with legacy, on-site systems have found themselves facing new challenges – namely switching to a work-from-home model while maintaining business continuity.

Many are making the forward-thinking choice to upgrade to an agile, modern ERP platform. This upgrade, however, can present challenges. The key to a smooth process, as laid out by IT experts, is laying groundwork and focusing on business benefits.

Laying strong groundwork is vital – ensuring that organizational needs are clearly defined so a new ERP system can be tailored for those needs means there is little to no room for wasteful spending. This requires strong leadership and a team-focused mentality. The focus should be on optimizing business systems – so identifying areas for improvement is key.

The right ERP platform will optimize existing functionality as well as providing new functionality to improve processes.

Any new ERP system needs to go beyond an upgrade to the previous iteration. Companies should be focusing on data-driven, agile systems such as Acumatica. Acumatica offers businesses the ability to improve their data intake through top of class AI and machine learning capabilities, as well as the ability to make the data do more for you. With real-time data visibility across the system Acumatica offers on the spot business insights for better and more timely decision making.

Real time insights offer the ability to make more accurate, informed decisions on everything from stocking, order management, route management, to financials. With this improved data, decisions can be made from a long-term perspective, allowing for focus on growth goals. With its easy user experience users across a variety of positions with varying skill levels can leverage the system to assist their day to day, improving efficiency and worker happiness.

By focusing on business operational improvements and data-driven, forward thinking optimizations, businesses can position themselves to become leaders, even through the (often arduous) process of implementing a new ERP system. By choosing Acumatica businesses can ensure they are partnering with a top of class provider who will enable growth across key areas throughout the entire business.

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