Cloud ERP for the Wholesale and Distribution Industry

Like many industries, and perhaps more than most, the wholesale and distribution industry is experiencing enormous changes. The reasons are many: globalization, consolidation, competition. One of the biggest drivers of change is the advanced capabilities offered by advanced technology. Your competitors are implementing methods Your competitors to automate and streamline business processes in order to augment efficiency, handle increasingly complex demands, meet the demands of informed customers, and generate greater profits.

No doubt your organization is also looking to implement technologies that integrate business systems and provide visibility across your company, your suppliers, and your customers.  ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) solutions designed for the Wholesale and Distribution industry should make your information more accurate and useful, your day-to-day operations smoother, and your goals easier to achieve.

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ERP has been around for a long time, but recent advancements are able to address some of the needs and concerns of today’s Wholesale and Distribution organizations as well as those of their customers.

The biggest advancement has come with the advent of Cloud computing. Cloud-based ERP allows even small and mid-size businesses to have the technology they need without the high entry costs of hardware and infrastructure, allowing them to compete on a larger scale.  Cloud ERP’s anywhere, anytime access means that employees can connect from the warehouse floor, a customer’s office, or even on the road.

Some of the specific functions that Cloud ERP allows are access to real-time inventory, customer self-service portals, sales automation, currently available discounts, easier order processing, replenishment orders and automated shipments, and updated schedules, to name just a few.

Think about customer portals. Now your customer can have access to their account history and order status as well as comprehensive product information and online ordering capabilities. And all this is available 24/7 from their smartphone or tablet.  Customers are demanding these features, and now you can supply them.

Inventory and contract management, automated order processing and fulfillment, and the rest of the wholesale and distribution-specific functionality in the Cloud will mean smoother processes in all aspects of your operations and will result in more accuracy and reduced costs.

The specific benefits of Cloud ERP to organizations in the Wholesale and Distribution industry are in addition to the more general benefits of moving to the Cloud, including greater flexibility, easier collaboration, greater security, increased performance, tighter integration, and increased profitability.

NexVue (now Net at Work) provides and implements Acumatica Warehouse and Distribution ERP systems that serve customers from end to end while optimizing the supply side of distribution operations and enabling better decision making with more accurate financial and operational information.  Acumatica addresses specific needs of the Wholesale and Distribution industry by integrating ERP, inventory management, customer relationship management (CRM), sales order and purchase order management, EDI, barcoding and more.

If distribution is a critical part of your business, then Acumatica’s new Distribution Edition is worth researching. Our modern, automated, and integrated distribution software can meet all your supply chain management needs in one cost-effective cloud ERP system.

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Originally published in July 2015. Republished for relevance and accuracy.

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