How Processing 4 Types of Payments Is Easy with EZ-Pay for Acumatica

If your payment processing is ineffective, you can be wasting a significant amount of time and risk costly and embarrassing errors. If you’re an Acumatica user looking for an easier way to process payments, or if you are considering a new Acumatica implementation and payment processing efficiencies are a priority, then you should consider a solution that can help you handle all of your payment transactions with ease: EZ-Pay for Acumatica.

Discover how EZ-Pay for Acumatica handles the 4 key payments transactions, including:

Processing E-Checks with EZ-Pay for Acumatica

E-Checks are an increasingly popular form of payment, with over 22 billion payments made by e-check each year and a 5% year over year growth average. With EZ-Pay for Acumatica, you can process e-checks quickly by obtaining the required information at the point of processing, you can give customers the option of using the information for a one-time payment or storing it for future payments. It also helps enhance customer satisfaction by enabling self-sevice payment options through the Customer Portal.


Credit Card Payment Processing with EZ-Pay for Acumatica

Credit Card use is growing at a rate of 7.5% per year. It is imperative that you easily and securely accommodate your customers desire to pay by credit cards. EZ-Pay for Acumatica empowers you to not only process credit card payments through entering a new credit card, but also to retain credit card information for use on future payments. (It’s important to note that no credit card data is stored in Acumatica. It is tokenized to maintain PCI compliance). Credit card processing is also available through Customer Portal to streamline the processing for you and the payment experience for them.


Lockbox Processing with EZ-Pay for Acumatica

Many businesses handle the majority of their payments through Lockbox payments. When processing a lockbox payment, EZ-Pay for Acumatica takes your bank’s transmission file and maps it to Acumatica,  matching payments on one or more criteria such as Customer, Amount, or Invoice Number. EZ-Pay uses an intelligent mapping algorithm which enables perfect matches to be applied and processed automatically, while the remainder are segregated for review. This process increases both the efficiency and accuracy of your lockbox processing.


Processing Bulk Cash Receipts with EZ-Pay for Acumatica

In EZ-Pay, you can simply enter or upload all cash receipts into a single screen. From there, the intelligent mapping algorithm will be applied to visually identify perfect matches vs. others. Perfect matches are automatically queued for processing whereas the remaining can be matched and processed in a user-controlled setting.


Once any of these four types of payments are processed, EZ-Pay for Acumatica automatically generates and sends an email receipt.

If you’re ready to take the next step in streamlining your payment processes, contact us today for pricing information on EZ-Pay for Acumatica!

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