Discover What’s New in Acumatica’s Distribution Edition

Acumatica, the top rated ERP solution, continues to add and improve functionality of its award-winning ERP platform. The latest update, 2021 R1, introduces several new or improved processes designed to increase ease of use, add value, and make life easier for its customers, especially in the Acumatica Distribution Edition.

Cross Company Sales

For organizations that have multiple companies, the ability for one company’s systems to talk directly to its sister company’s systems is vital. Processes such as buy-sell relationships can be tricky to handle if an ERP platform does not readily support that function, but with 2021 R1, Acumatica now does, meaning that companies can be set up within the system as both customers and vendors. This allows for easy syncing of sales orders in the selling entity with purchase orders from the buying entity, as well as purchase receipt creation when shipments are created within related entities.

Matrix Inventory

Matrix inventory solutions refer to systems which help streamline and simplify the inventory process for items such as t-shirts which come in multiple sizes, colors, and fits. Historically ERP systems have forced each individual item, such as a medium black t-shirt, to be its own item of inventory, but with Matrix Inventory solutions that is no longer the case. The enhanced functionality in 2021 R1 also allows for quality of life improvements such as the ability to add and manage pictures for particular matrix items, ability to add spaces to descriptions and names- which can now be done directly to the matrix tab in templates, and matrix options on sales quotes and opportunities. There are also improvements made to the mass update function, making it easier to edit a whole line of items, rather than doing each one at a time. There is a new function allowing for single variant items, as well, such as black t-shirts in only one size.

Drop Shipping Enhancements

Drop shipping is an increasingly vital process for distributors, who are being relied on to ship items directly to a vendor’s customer, bypassing the vendor’s warehouse and shipping process entirely. 2021 R1 has included several improvements to this process to assist distributors with this growing demand. Drop-Ship orders can now be linked within the system directly to their corresponding purchase orders for easy to track record keeping. Order changes and vendor returns are both now able to be managed within the system as well.

Value Added Tax and Net/Gross Prices

One much-anticipated improvement in this latest release is the ability to enable pricing support with Value Added Tax (VAT) included. This function, especially sought after within European markets, allows businesses who are selling direct to consumers to add in the appropriate VAT directly in the system, rather than after. Those companies that are primarily business to business, and therefore don’t need this tax added, are not forced to do so, avoiding the double-taxing burden that could sometimes happen. This function can be turned on and off as needed within the system.

Non-Inventory Customers and Purchasing Support

One last but often requested improvement is the ability for companies that do not require a full inventory system to now add purchasing process functionality to their business through Acumatica. Rather than being forced to operate with an inventory functionality that they do not need or go without the end-to-end purchasing power of Acumatica’s purchasing functions, they can now opt to add the purchasing suite into their implementation without the addition of inventory function.

Best In Class Value

Acumatica continues to be a leader in the ERP field by constantly improving their award-winning platform, increasing functionality, usability, and value.

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