Don’t Ditch Your Digital Transformation Post-Pandemic


The unexpected challenges presented by the global health crisis of 2020 led many companies to seek new, digital solutions, ushering in a digital transformation across many sectors. New solutions for previously unknown problems were required, with companies focusing on agile solutions that offer flexibility and integration.

With the world starting to return to some semblance of normalcy, some of those companies are now facing another set of choices- do they continue on with their digital path or revert back to old ways of doing things? Experts agree that the digital route is the preferred option, but how can the momentum be kept? How can companies stop unwanted reversion to old ways of thinking and operating?

Gartner, a leading voice in the field, suggests a three-step approach to countering backsliding into old ways of thinking.

Step 1

Pause to conduct and in-depth assessment of how the transformation is impacting employees and clients alike. By gathering performance data best practices can be determined and documented, as well as giving companies the chance to assess whether the changes they have made thus far are sustainable long term.

Step 2

Evaluate how to best achieve long term goals- which behaviors, systems, and technologies will make them a reality, and which will lead to more trouble.

Are there major, company wide changes that need to occur, or are the issues more of a ‘tightening up’ variety?

Experts recommend focusing on between one and three different areas of improvement.

Step 3

Educate employees on the behaviors expected of them moving forward. This step is vital for erasing the idea that any changes were “pandemic only” changes, reinforcing the fact that your company is moving forward permanently with their new, digital direction.  This time period is also necessary for developing new, more inclusive correction plans, eliminating any oversights brought on by the rapidly changing situation of 2020.

By implementing these three steps businesses can counter the natural tendency to backslide to previous behaviors and ways of thinking. By minimizing and eliminating those issues companies can keep the momentum gained by their digital transformation, allowing them to remain top-of-mind with customers, enabling growth even through trying times.

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