Enabling a Remote Workforce in the Rental Industry


In the last few months, many businesses, including those in the equipment rental Industry, have been forced to transition toward remote work. Have you found yourself lost as to how to manage your company remotely? The tips, tools, and tactics mentioned here will help you with communication and effectiveness during this crisis.

Improve Communication and Collaboration

  • Video Conferencing provides a much better experience than phone calls. Why? Because they show body language, which sometimes can mean more than the words actually spoken. And face to face communication builds strong relationships, which in turn build strong teams.
  • Messaging Apps can fill the gap of ‘too formal for water cooler talk but too informal for email’. You can create groups geared toward specific types of topics while creating an atmosphere where light-hearted conversations can take place. This type of versatility makes communication and collaboration much easier and creates a stronger team relationship. In addition to these, file-sharing and document-editing tools are a great way to collaborate.

While all of this may seem like a major inconvenience, it’s good to keep in mind that likely the way work is done will change significantly after this pandemic is over. People are seeing the advantages some of these tools have to offer and therefore they will probably continue to stay. For example, Buddy Stubb’s, president, Busylad Rad-All, Tupelo, Miss., says:

“eSign and email invoices will probably stay after this health crisis is over. More folks will visit our website before calling or coming in. I think the image we have in our community now will carry on long after we are back to normal. Companies that are ignoring the safety of staff and customers are getting blasted on social media and that will be long remembered.”

How is Rental360 helping companies that rent equipment?

Rental360, built in the Acumatica Cloud ERP framework, offers a complete, modern, mobile solution to operate your rental business anywhere, anytime, on any device. This is extremely important as mobile work in the rental industry can save a considerable amount of time, money, and human resources, while making renting equipment more efficient and accurate. With mobile-enabled rentals you have the advantages of:

  • Efficient Time & Expense Entry- Keep your business moving forward by giving your people in the field the ability to enter their time and expenses with receipts wherever they may be.

  • Complete Ticket Management- Give your drivers access to your complete ticket management system to handle all returns or exchanges on-site at the customer location while ensuring all the necessary details about your equipment.

  • Attach Photos & Accept Signatures- Leverage built-in functionality on your mobile device to take pictures of equipment damage, accept customer signatures, attach to relevant records, and more in Rental360.

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Rental360 has been able to close many of the gaps social distancing has made for the rental equipment industry. And while having the power mobile-enabled rentals is fantastic for our current crises, its capabilities make it a platform that will be increasingly relevant well into the future.

By using this software along with the other tools mentioned in this article, you can succeed now and continue to reap the benefits of some remote work post-pandemic as well.

Source: Rental Management, May 2020

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