Fabuwood: Technology Focus and Acumatica ERP Drive Success and Growth


In 2009, Fabuwood Cabinetry Corp. began with just 40 employees and a single warehouse, but has since grown in to one of the largest kitchen manufacturers in the United States. By focusing on technology and choosing the right partner, Fabuwood has experienced massive success and growth.

They achieved this growth by being a technology focused company, making it a priority to find the right solution for their business needs. “We focus on technology. Technology is everything these days, we know that, and the only way we are able to grow so fast is with technology,” said Sendy Stern, Senior Vice President of Technology for Fabuwood.

Most implementations of this type take between nine months and a year, but by partnering with NexVue Fabuwood was able to go live on Acumatica in only five months.

A quick implementation was perfect for Fabuwood, a company that strives to make speed and efficiency a goal. Rather than the usual months-long process of a typical kitchen installation, Fabuwood aims to use technology to deliver the same results in just days.

By choosing Acumatica Fabuwood found the perfect partner. One key feature they were looking for was integration capabilities. “When we were looking for an ERP platform, we were looking for two main things: it should be easy and have great integrations. Of all of the systems that we looked at, Acumatica won-out big time,” said Stern. As the implementation was set in motion Fabuwood found nine different integration possibilities within their current workflow, with the capability to grow to even more.

As part of the implementation they discovered Acumatica could drive their whole process, something they weren’t expecting. Describing it as “master of everything” Fabuwood discovered that Acumatica’s  combination of customization and vertical integration made it the ideal choice for their needs.

Fabuwood implemented Acumatica as part of a company re-brand, and the results were even better than they anticipated.

As part of their re-brand Fabuwood took the prestigious “Nicest Booth” award at the Orlando Kitchen Show.

Shortly after they consolidated their four existing warehouses in to one state-of-the-art, million square foot warehouse, powered by Acumatica. They now employ over 800 people and work with more than 2000 dealers across the United States.

A key to this growth has been the close working relationship between Fabuwood and their Acumatica provider, NexVue. Dan Schwartz, NexVue CEO recalls the side-by-side work done in the run up to the implementation.

“Sendy and I both rolled up our sleeves and we’re putting as much time as the consultants, and mostly because of the timeframe. Even on data conversions, Sendy was sitting there and working through with his people and I was with my people working together getting it done.”

Due to their fantastic success and close partnership with NexVue, Fabuwood was named Acumatica’s 2018 Customer of the Year. Their story of technology-fueled growth remains a shining example of what choosing the right ERP solution and partner can do to drive a business’ success.

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