Korpack: Growing an Agile Business with Acumatica and NexVue (now Net at Work)

Korpack is a full-service provider of packaging supplies based in Bloomingdale, Illinois. Before launching in 2014, they started looking for the right ERP System. Being in a fast-paced, high-volume industry, Korkpack knew they needed a system that would grow with them to maximize efficiency and drive business forward.

Nick Novy, President & Founder of Korpack, had been through the process of choosing an ERP System before and had learned from experience that it wasn’t a small decision to make. He relates:

“I came from another company where I feel like we chose the wrong ERP System. It actually slowed us down rather than sped us up. So, I was pretty adamant on picking the right platform for my new company.”

Modern Solutions to Modern Problems

Most of the ERP solutions that Novy looked at were not only expensive, but offered little in the way of customization – something that Korpack made a point of pride. Others just weren’t sophisticated enough to handle the level of data analysis that Korpack employees would need to grow in the way they needed and remain agile in the way that they wanted.

But then, Novy and his team found Acumatica. Not only did it immediately prove itself to be a way to support their business as it existed today, but it also allowed them to better prepare themselves for whatever challenges tomorrow might hold, too.

Why Acumatica was the Right Choice for Korpack

Korpack demoed multiple systems before deciding on Acumatica. They named three main reasons for their choice:

  • They liked that Acumatica licensing is based on data usage as opposed to per-user, allowing for scalability.
  • It is cloud-based and can be used from anywhere, even on a mobile device.
  • Perhaps the most important reason Korpack chose Acumatica was its flexibility. The team at Korpack knew they needed a system that could keep up with their evolving business needs, and that’s exactly what they got.

Partnership that Drives Results

After finding the system they had been looking for, Korpack needed a partner to implement the system and work with them on customizations. After choosing an initial partner that didn’t meet their expectations, Korkpack teamed up with NexVue (now Net at Work). Together they could build the system to fit Korpack’s needs.

“One of the customizations we’ve actually implemented with NexVue (now Net at Work) was streamlining how we do our quoting. We were losing out on a lot of opportunities because that process would take so long. What used to take hours or days can now be done in less than an hour.” -Patrick Madison, CFO, Korpack

The customizations immediately saved Korpack time and increased revenue, fueling business success. How does Nick Novy feel about partnering with NexVue (now Net at Work) and implementing Acumatica?

“Dan and his team at NexVue (now Net at Work) have been extremely supportive over the ideas and the customizations that we’ve brought to them…I definitely recommend Acumatica to anybody looking for an ERP System and I don’t think a lot of the other software platforms can give you that type of flexibility without needing a whole IT department.”

Technology that Delivers a Competitive Advantage

With Acumatica, Korpack has a powerful, centralized data system that provided real-time insight into their operations – critical for making the right decision for the right challenge at exactly the right time. Now that they have the ability to both analyze and act on the massive volumes of data they are creating and collecting every day, they have a distinct competitive advantage.

Patrick Madison, CFO at Korpack, feels strongly about the impact Acumatica has had on the company. He remarks, “The three keys to Korpack’s success are Korpack’s employees, vendor partners, and Acumatica.”

Choosing the right ERP System can make a difference in a company’s success. Korpack is confident they have found the right partner and software to support them as their business continues to grow.

Hear from Korpack in their own words:

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This article was originally posted August 15, 2018 and updated to reflect new information.

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