Korpack: The Story of Growing an Agile Business with Acumatica and NexVue


Korpack is a startup devoted to helping manufacturers, distributors, fulfillment centers and everyone in between in the Midwest save money and enhance productivity by finding the best packaging solutions to fit their needs, regardless of what those needs may be.

During founder Nick Novy’s search for an ERP solution, he quickly realized that his choices given the current marketplace were not nearly as limitless as he first thought.

Modern Solutions to Modern Problems

Most of the ERP solutions that Novy looked at were not only expensive, but offered little in the way of customization – something that Korpack made a point of pride. Others just weren’t sophisticated enough to handle the level of data analysis that Korpack employees would need to grow in the way they needed and remain agile in the way that they wanted.

But then, Novy and his team found Acumatica. Not only did it immediately prove itself to be a way to support their business as it existed today, but it also allowed them to better prepare themselves for whatever challenges tomorrow might hold, too.

Technology: The True Competitive Advantage

Thanks to the partnership of Acumatica at their side, along with the superior level of customization that only NexVue could provide, the hardworking team at Korpack were able to unlock a number of core results almost immediately. Overnight, they had a powerful, centralized data system that provided real-time insight into their operations – critical for making the right decision for the right challenge at exactly the right time.

That aforementioned customization also fit in exactly with the way that Korpack does business, putting them in a better position to use technology to improve the value that they could offer their own customers as well.

But more than anything, Korpack suddenly had the ability to both analyze and act on the massive volumes of data they were creating and collecting every day – thus giving them the type of genuine competitive advantage they wouldn’t have had access to otherwise.

Korpack originally implemented Acumatica in the cloud during its original startup phase in 2014. The last four years have been not only key in terms of creating a rock solid foundation from which to build from, but an opportunity for meaningful, strategic growth over the next decade and beyond.

Hear from Korpack in their own words:

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