How Acumatica Helps Accountants Communicate Financials to Stakeholders


Success in business – regardless of the size, the type or even the industry it’s operating in – depends on open and honest communication at all times. Key leaders within an organization need access to all of the actionable insight they can get to make the most informed decisions possible at any given moment. This is especially true when you’re talking about the subject of financials, even if the people you’re communicating with aren’t necessarily financially focused by their nature or position.

Luckily, this is another area where Acumatica’s solution excels – particularly if you’re an accountant. It helps accountants better communicate financials to stakeholders in a number of key ways that are certainly worth exploring.

Communicating Creates Well Informed Stakeholders

The major way that Acumatica helps accountants communicate financials to stakeholders comes by way of the wide range of automation options it offers. Every minute that an accountant is spending less time on tasks like monthly bank reconciliations, invoice approval and creating pivot tables is a minute that they can spend communicating with and educating those above them.

Experts agree that the first step towards improving this essential line of communication involves having a centralized, consistent and accurate view of information down to a granular level. In many ways, that’s a large part of what Acumatica’s solution was built to do in the first place – giving accountants an excellent place to start from to empower their efforts moving forward.

This in turn allows accountants to finally become the true collaborative partners they were always meant to be. Communicating financials becomes less about simply passing along information and more about genuinely helping people understand and make the most out of the insight contained inside all of those reports that are being created.

Instead of spending time creating, entering and reconciling largely repetitive and routine transactions, accountants have more time every day to spend face-to-face with department leaders. They can take a more active role in planning, analyzing and even interpreting results – guaranteeing a bold new era of better and more informed decision making at the same time.

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