Two-Factor Authentication in Acumatica: Who Needs It, Who Benefits from It, How to Get It


According to one recent study, the average cost of a single consolidated data breach hit $3.86 million in 2018 – in other words, a significant 6.4% increase from just one year prior. Data security has never been more important than it is right now and for sophisticated, robust protection, nothing short of a proactive approach will do. This, in essence, is why our Advanced Security Management solution with two-factor authentication in Acumatica is so important: for customers, it helps safeguard some of their company’s most valuable and critical data in a way that offers true holistic protection from unwanted intruders around the world.

The Power of Two-Factor Authentication: Breaking Things Down

As the name suggests, two-factor authentication (also called 2FA for short) requires two different types of authentication before access is granted to any particular account. Not only will a user need to enter their username and password, but they will also have a unique, one-time use code delivered to a second device (like a cell phone or email address) that they will need to use as well.

By entering that code, users are demonstrating that they not only know the account’s password – they also have physical access to a device that is known to be “secure.” A hacker might have the former, but the odds of them having the latter are slim-to-none – meaning that any intrusion attempt would be unsuccessful before it even starts.

Acumatica and Nexvue’s advanced security also takes things one step further, by allowing you to approve or disapprove certain IP addresses from around the world. If someone is trying to gain access from an approved location, a password alone will be sufficient. If they’re not, 2FA kicks in automatically – helping protect your accounts from prying eyes.

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The Future of Data Protection is Here

Experts agree that everyone should enable 2FA on any accounts that offer it, regardless of the type of business they’re trying to run or even the industry that they’re operating in. Luckily, these advanced security measures are built into the Acumatica solution and can be enabled in seconds – whether your installation is deployed on-premises or totally in the cloud doesn’t actually matter any longer.

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