How Rental360 Helps Equipment Rental Companies Exceed Professional Contractor’s Expectations


While the equipment rental industry is quite broad, with unique needs for each unique niche, there is a key group of customers that all industrial or heavy equipment rental companies must please: professional contractors.

According to the results of a recent American Rental Association study, the top 5 things that professional contractors look for in a new equipment rental company are:

  1. Attentive customer service
  2. Well-maintained and varied equipment
  3. Online engagement
  4. Rewards
  5. Clear communication

For equipment rental companies to bridge the gap between understanding what contractor customers are looking for and delivering it requires having the right processes and systems in place to provide these services effectively.

That’s where Rental360 can help.

Rental360 is a complete solution built in the Acumatica cloud ERP platform and designed to help heavy industrial equipment or construction equipment rental companies achieve these five objectives and more.

Click here to see examples of how Rental360 empowers equipment rental companies to exceed the expectations of professional contractors by providing:

  1. Complete customer and equipment data quickly to deliver attentive customer service.
  2. Comprehensive and accurate equipment data available in the warehouse and the field to ensure that equipment is well maintained and serviced effectively.
  3. Customer portals and e-commerce integration for enhanced and easy online engagement.
  4. The customer history and detail to establish an engaging loyalty program and the ease of integration to implement a loyalty software solution.
  5. A complete set of innovative and modern tools to enhance effective customer communication.

Learn how by reading the full article:  Delivering the 5 Things Professional Contractors Want from Rental Companies

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