3 Paths to Better Reporting with Acumatica


Acumatic Cloud ERP has a powerful set of tools to help you gain more insight into your data. There are three ways to achieve better reporting with the built-in reports in this solution. 

Financial Report Writer

The Financial Report Writer is a web-based utility that is user-friendly. You don’t need any programming skills to get the most out of this option. Some ways that you can customize reports includes defining row, column, and unit sets through calculated values, accounts, and subaccounts. Report types you can create with this tool include P&L statements, balance sheets, and cash flow forecasts. 

Report Designer

The Reporter Designer is a Windows-based tool that provides substantial customization options for choosing data and setting up the format of the results. This query-driven reporting tool gives you a lot of flexibility with advanced formatting and displays. For example, you can set up the report as printed checks and invoices, add pictures, and change the position of each data element on the report. Create formatting templates to maintain a consistent appearance across all of the reports generated with this tool. 

Generic Inquiry Writer

The Generic Inquiry Writer is a web-based utility that is driven by SQL-queries. You can develop real-time reports with information pulled directly from the database. Pick and join tables, display fields, select conditions and define the parameters for every report. Power users will get a lot out of this reporting tool, as well as those that require significant customization to standard reports. 

See these reports in action here:

Benefits of Using Acumatica Reports

All of the Acumatica reporting tools are built-into the solution. You’re not pulling third-party applications and tools into the reporting functionality, so all of the security policies and features offered by this ERP are included in the reports. All user-levels can get access to the reports, and they can include data that is only viewable by authorized users. 

These three Acumatica reporting tools open up more ways for you to understand your data and make decisions based on this information. The business intelligence offered by this ERP can offer a significant competitive advantage. 

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