Know Your New Rights: Acumatica’s Updated Customer Bill of Rights

Acumatica has consistently been rated near the top of customer experience surveys, often cited for their commitment to their clients. This is in no small part due to their groundbreaking Customer Bill of Rights the company implemented in 2019. At their recent 2023 Acumatica Summit the company revised and expanded that Bill of Rights, adding specificity to its contents, ensuring there is no grey area for concern.

No Surprises, Anywhere

A key recurring theme to the Customer Bill of Rights is that terms and conditions should never be a surprise to the businesses that run Acumatica. It is stated in the very first item on the list:  (Customers have the right to) A software and services proposal with clear fee structures and no surprises. This clarifies the language from the previous iteration, which promised a “readily comprehensible and not frequently modified” agreement. This is further solidified further down the list where it is guaranteed that customers have the right to transparent, fair pricing and agreements without long term commitments. This is in direct contrast to the practices of many of Acumatica’s competitors, who only offer the best pricing options when customers agree to sign long-term. Acumatica’s Customer Bill of Rights ensures that customers are always treated fairly, no matter their status, and that surprise fees and upgrade costs are a thing of the past.

Your Company, Your Choices, Your Data

Several items on the Customer Bill of Rights protect customers from having terms of usage of the platform dictated to them- the hows and whys of their business. Specific protections include: the right to customize and adapt a businesses solution to fit their evolving requirements, to choose whether to deploy the solution on a public or private cloud, and perhaps most importantly, it guarantees the right to ownership of your businesses data, guaranteed to be in a usable format. Thanks to these protections companies no longer required to have decisions about how and where they implement the solutions they choose dictated to them, and they are never prone to being held hostage by another company owning their data for proprietary reasons.

Training, Support, Security

Acumatica’s Customer Bill of Rights also covers important topics such as the right to a secure platform, which includes protection for data and reports. This is in stark contrast to competitors, whose security guarantees typically only cover the applications themselves. They also cement the right to proper training and support- enshrining their commitment to continued education of their clients in their promises. These updated promises clarify language in the previous iteration, which simply referred to guaranteed access to “dual layer support” and “24/7 customer service”. The new wording not only guarantees continuing training, but also that it will be free and comprehensive.

The new, updated, and expanded Acumatica Bill of Rights is a sign of the continued commitment Acumatica has made to ensuring their clients and their customers receive the best value, service, and experience. For more information on the Acumatica Customer Bill of Rights visit:

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