How FoodService Distributors Can Keep Pace with the Restaurant Rebound

The restaurant industry, and by extension all of foodservice, took a massive hit during the global health pandemic. While the pandemic has not ceased entirely, advances have been made to the point that the restaurant industry has not only begun to rebound, but in some areas have even approached reaching pre-pandemic levels.

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Foodservice distributors, on the other hand, have remained stable throughout a series of challenges over the last few years but may see this time of restaurant recovery as a prime time to upgrade their ERP platform to ensure maximum growth. A modern, agile ERP platform like Prime FoodService, built into the Acumatica cloud framework, will equip food distributors to make the most of the current trend in restaurant recovery.

An agile ERP platform like Prime FoodService allows distributors to respond to the increased demand with ease – streamlining and at times automating processes that would cause potential delays or scaling issues.

Prime FoodService features:

  • An intuitive ordering system, allows users on the distribution side to set up Order Guides for individual customers, including items that they usually order, as well as potential cross-sale and upsell opportunities, making order entry a far less complicated and time-consuming endeavor.
  • The ability to automate alerts to be received when products are unavailable, a vital tool when dealing with the ever-increasing threat of supply chain disruptions.
  • The ability to scale easily and effectively to the shifting needs of a distributor.
  • Accessibility by any user on any internet connected device.

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By partnering with an agile, modern ERP platform such as Prime FoodService, food distribution companies can take advantage of the recovery of the restaurant industry and push their businesses into the future.

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