Making Container Management Make Sense in Acumatica

The flexibility of the Acumatica platform makes it an ideal ERP solution for businesses regardless of their industry. However, sometimes businesses require customization to ensure that the system suits their industry intricacies. That’s where a partner with strong Acumatica development capabilities comes in!

For those in the shipping or distribution industries, you know that importing goods on the water from a foreign country can take weeks to months. The moment that the ship with the goods that you have ordered leaves the dock, you receive the Purchase Order and own those goods.

However, there are a lot of unknowns about those goods:

  • Perhaps the quantity shipped was not the quantity ordered
  • Perhaps there are serial numbers on the goods that you won’t know until they arrive
  • Perhaps the items in the container are not what was promised

These unknowns make accurately tracking your inventory in Acumatica a bit challenging.

That’s why we, at NexVue (now Net at Work), have worked to create a custom front-end to the system, called Advanced Container Management for Acumatica, that allows users to track what is supposed to be in the container and create a pre-payment while eliminating the need to “receive” the goods into stock in the system until they actually arrive at the warehouse.

Once the goods arrive in the warehouse, if there is a discrepancy between what was anticipated in the container and what was received, those differences can be reconciled at that time. Through this customization, we’ve created the ability to make a four-way comparison between what is on the Bill of Lading, the PO, the receipt, and the Accounts Payable invoice amount to ensure a four-way match.

Additionally, the ability to wait until stock is physically received to receive it into inventory in Acumatica thanks to Advanced Container Management saves a tremendous amount of time when it comes to serialized items. By entering the items serial numbers when the stock is physically received, your Acumatica users can avoid a significant amount of re-work and reduce the potential for errors in your inventory data.

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