NexVue Adapts Brand to Demonstrate Focus on and Align with Acumatica


July 1, 2019, STAMFORD, CT – NexVue Information Systems, an Acumatica Gold Partner and Independent Software Vendor (ISV), has adapted their brand colors, logo, and website to more closely reflect their focus on the Acumatica cloud ERP platform.

As a founding Acumatica Partner, NexVue has been focused on implementing and developing on the Acumatica platform for over eight years. In an effort to demonstrate their alignment with and focus on Acumatica, NexVue has updated their brand colors and iconography to match and compliment the Acumatica brand. In addition, NexVue has also adapted their brand mark and updated their website ( to adopt a more modern visual representation of their forward-looking organization.

These changes also extend to the Acumatica ISV solutions that NexVue has developed – Rental360 ( for the equipment rental industry and Prime Food Service Software ( for the food distribution industry.

“The name NexVue comes from the words “Nexis” which means a point of coming together and “Vue”, the French word for vision,” said NexVue Founder & President, Dan Schwartz. “NexVue brings together a modern vision for leading technology with core values of quality service and trusted partnership. Acumatica is a modern ERP solution. We want our brand and website to reflect the modern platform around which our business is focused. At the same time, NexVue is unique in that we are constantly looking at, not just what is coming next for Acumatica, but where WE can take the solution next through customization and development to equip our clients for success now and in the future. Our new brand identity is a visual reminder of our alignment with Acumatica while retaining our unique vision for the future.”

On June 19th, Acumatica announced that it is being acquired by EQT Partners, a global investment firm with $45B (€40B) of assets under management. As a direct result of this acquisition, Acumatica expects to increase its workforce by 40 to 50 percent each year, has expanded its footprint into 65 countries, and has expanded financial resources available to further develop the solution. This acquisition affirms the trust that NexVue placed in Acumatica’s vision.

“The fact that we will see no changes in the pricelist, product use rights, or branding, and that Acumatica support will only improve with greater availability worldwide, speaks to the strengths of the Acumatica business model and platform to-date,” said Schwartz. “We, at NexVue, are excited about the benefits that these changes will bring to our current and future clients in the form of rapid product development and enhanced and expanded global support. We look forward to a shared, bright future with Acumatica and EQT.”

About NexVue Information Systems

For 30 years, NexVue Information Systems has been developing and innovating on ERP solutions. With over 500 ERP implementations and 2500 businesses using NexVue developed solutions, NexVue solutions go beyond ERP implementations and address today’s business and technology issues such as improved business agility, on-demand scalability, security and control, maximal value of informational assets, and the lowest total cost of ownership.

Since Acumatica’s inception, NexVue has been fully focused on it as the platform of choice to move their and their clients’ businesses forward. With 100% focus on Acumatica development, NexVue leverages a vast and deep knowledge of the Acumatica framework, as well as unique industry needs to develop solutions that cover a broad range of needs while also suiting the niche requirements of specialized markets.

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