What are Users and Analysts Saying About Acumatica?

As a major mover in cloud ERP development, Acumatica continues to harness significant attention and reviews in major publications. Those opinions, which are entirely independent, are focusing on the multiple benefits that Acumatica delivers consistently for its users, large and medium and small; and all of them are consistent about Acumatica’s leadership in the field, regardless of the source.

Forbes produced the 2019 version of its Emotional Footprint Report on Enterprise Resource Planning, and Acumatica made the 18 companies and their ERP products profiled. It was the only mid-market vendor included, and Forbes highlighted that Acumatica was one of the top four products in terms of popularity. The only products that rated higher were Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Oracle ERP Cloud, for example. This rating was a culmination of responses from 960 customers.

In a similar fashion, G2, a powerhouse in software review, published its 2019 Momentum Grid Report. In that publication Acumatica was pointed out specifically as a Momentum Leader. It’s a distinguished titled gained in practice and performance, defined by gaining the top 25 percent score in cloud ERP software popularity.

Gartner also scored Acumatica extremely high in their reviews as well. Gartner specifically pointed out that the ERP product was “well-aligned” with the consulting company’s perspective of Postmodern ERP. The key factors that pushed Acumatica to a high score include an easy learning curve, a technology package that produces real and significant results, an ERP approach that can be seamed with existing technology easily, and easy ability to get to one’s data.

The reviews clearly point out how well Acumatica performs for its users, but it’s still good to remember why that’s the case. Serving medium and small businesses globally, Acumatica provides a scalable suite of business applications and mobile tools for digital management and operations. Whether it be finance, project management, customer records management systems, manufacturing, e-commerce platforms, construction, and a lot more, Acumatica can provide the means to leverage a company’s data for greater capabilities.

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