Why Acumatica is Edging out the Competition in the Cloud ERP Market


Choosing an ERP provider is an important decision for any business, especially in such uncertain times. With so many potential providers to decide between it can be particularly difficult, especially when side-by-side comparisons are not always possible.

IDC analyzed the cloud ERP market and set Acumatica as an industry leader.

Here’s Why:

Acumatica is a complete, cloud-based ERP system which comes highly recommended not just by its satisfied clients, but industry professionals. 


A key consideration when choosing a new ERP partner has to be finding a modern, agile solution. Gone are the days of physical, static systems, the trends all pointing towards increased agility, mobility, and ease of access. This affects not only deployment models, but also how ERP is provided, with many providers moving towards a subscription model. Acumatica is one of these vendors, their service being a subscription based on module and user type. Acumatica is a cloud-based service, meaning that the chances of server downtime impacting operations for their clients is drastically reduced, often to near-zero. Acumatica also offers key features that enhance remote working, helping enable business continuity, a must-have in these uncertain times. Eliminating these archaic concerns is just one, initial advantage Acumatica offers its users.


A key focus of Acumatica has been its attempts to be constantly innovating.  Acumatica has focused on developing systems to operate with cutting edge technologies like machine learning, artificial intelligence, and mobile infrastructure, giving businesses running on Acumatica an edge over their competitors who are operating with less innovation-focused systems. By leveraging these advantages as they exist now businesses can ride the wave of innovation in to the future, building on the existing systems as more new technologies emerge, never having to play catch up. Acumatica is also highly integration-friendly, meaning that other systems businesses use are likely to mesh well with the platform.


As noted above, the days of static, monolithic ERP systems have passed, replaced by modern, agile platforms. This means when it comes to an ERP system, one size no longer fits all. An ERP system for a distribution company will naturally have different needs than one for a construction business. A key strength of Acumatica is its modular nature, allowing a high level of industry-specific customization, ensuring that your business gets its exact needs met while not saddling companies with systems that are not best served for their industry. With existing build-outs aimed at distributors, construction, field services, manufacturing, and commerce Acumatica offers a wide array of choices for companies across variety of fields.


Many clients report being surprised by Acumatica’s high level of sophistication and specialization. This surprise is often due to how easy to use and streamlined the actual system is. With an intuitive user experience Acumatica offers role-based functionality to its customers, allowing each user to have access to the systems they need while not bogging them down with superfluous data. Acumatica also offers mobile app support, enabling users to access their systems from a wide variety of devices, all through a simple interface that does not require a high level of advanced training.


By combining industry-specific setups with intuitive, cloud based functionality Acumatica delivers a top of the line, innovation driven platform ideal for businesses looking to make the leap from a legacy ERP system to a modern, agile solution. Featuring many integration possibilities Acumatica leads the way as the ideal ERP platform for growing businesses.

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