3 Signs It’s Time To Get New Accounting Software

Accounting software is an incredibly important part of any business. There are limitations, however, to accounting software platforms that are not integrated into the wider business plan via an all-encompassing ERP platform. This article will provide three signs that your accounting software is in need of upgrading to a more modern, agile, ERP-based solution.

Software Can’t Keep Up With Growth

Growth is the goal of any business. Many accounting-specific platforms, such as QuickBooks, can struggle to handle the growth of a business. This could be due to limitations on the number of users, inability to track data, or issues with cash management. The ability of a solution to scale in line with the growth of the business is vital to continued, long-term success. Cloud ERP platforms such as Acumatica excel in that regard.

Data is Siloed

When the data your employees need to do their jobs is segregated into different applications and departments the entire business suffers. Employee efficiency and data accuracy can be seriously impacted by this inability to access the data, causing delays in decision making. Modern solutions like Acumatica offer real-time access to all a businesses data, allowing employees to do their jobs to their maximum efficiency possible and quickly make the right decision in any situation.

Basic Isn’t Always Best

If an accounting system is only capable of the lower level, baseline functions a business needs to operate there is little chance for any sort of growth. This sort of general accounting software can be perfectly applicable for businesses with basic needs, it will not be effective for growing, innovative companies that require more in-depth and sophisticated systems. Areas such as data integration, contract creation, and recurring transactions can require processes that general programs such as Quickbooks cannot deliver on. If your business is requiring more processes than your solution can provide it is a clear signal it is time to upgrade.

A modern, agile ERP solution such as Acumatica delivers the solution to all of these issues. By giving businesses the tools and systems they need to access all the data required for their employees to perform their jobs, as well as offering an expanded array of processes for day to day business running, a modern ERP solution outpaces legacy, general accounting system.

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