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When it comes to your businesses bottom line, there is no department more important than finance and accounting. To give them, and your business, the best chance of succeeding it’s vital that they are operating with the best technology possible. That means a modern, agile ERP solution. By empowering your teams with the right technology, you put them in prime position to succeed in both the short and long term.

Integrate in the Cloud

One of the key advantages of a cloud-based ERP platform is its ability to integrate with a large number of apps and businesses processes. Whether they are already in place, or something added into the process in the future, a cloud-based system such as Acumatica can easily link with these programs for maximum efficiency. For financial teams this is especially vital, as it gives the platform for international currency support, accounts payable and receivable, and general ledger support.

Automation and Streamlining

 A modern ERP system allows for dramatic return of investment thanks to its ability to automate and streamline essential business functions. This is particularly apparent in the financial field, as billing, revenue tracking, and other accounting processes can be automated month in and month out, freeing up users to focus on other tasks.

No More Compliance Worries

A modern ERP also features built-in regulatory compliance and oversight rules, ensuring that your business is always operating within guidelines, and making compliance check ins and monitoring a near stress-free scenario.

The Right Data, All the Time

Perhaps the biggest improvement an agile ERP platform offers over a legacy system is the 24/7 availability of up-to-date data. Available at the click of a button on any internet connected device, business data is constantly correct, ensuring rapid and accurate decision making. Users never have to wait hours or even days for the latest data before making a potentially important decision- ensuring that responses are prompt and ahead of the curve.

By choosing an agile, modern ERP system like Acumatica businesses empower their teams, including accounting and financial, with the tools and systems they need to excel and drive the business forward into the future.

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