3 Trends in ERP Modernization to Take Advantage of in 2022


The drive to modernize ERP platforms is an inevitable, inescapable fact of life for businesses of all ilk. With 2022 upon us we have turned to Gartner to highlight three trends forward thinking businesses can take advantage of in 2022.

Intelligent ERP

Artificial Intelligence is predicted by Gartner to be the top trend in ERP development. Advances in machine learning and data analytics are expected to be game changers for businesses across the board. These AI and ML advances will assist in aggregating and analyzing data, improving and streamlining decision making processes, putting data at the center of business operations.

Mobility Matters

Mobile ERP development- the ability for system users to access their data from anywhere at any time- is another trend growing in both prominence and importance. The ability to access real-time, up to date data on the go has been labeled a “game changer” by companies. No longer required to wait for data to update and be delivered by a mainframe, decisions can be made rapidly, ensuring businesses stay top of mind with customers and allowing for improved customer experiences in the event of product shortages or other unforeseen complications. It should be noted, however, that mobile deployment requires additional layers of security that users should be aware of.

Better, Faster Reporting

Another by-product of real time access to data is the ability to generate better, faster, and more accurate reports across a variety of benchmarks. Many ERP providers offer packages of reports to their users, but top-tier platforms offer the ability to generate custom, in-depth reports. Drill down capability allows users to dig deep into the data at a granular level, enabling better decision making.

Capitalizing on these three trends will be vital for companies looking to embrace technology to take their operations to the next level. By partnering with the right ERP platform businesses can make the leap to become data-driven, forward-thinking companies.

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