4 Reasons to Choose Acumatica vs. NetSuite


Choosing an ERP system is a vital decision for any company, and there are many options to choose from. Often top choices can seem incredibly similar, such as NetSuite and Acumatica. While they do possess several similarities, there are key areas where Acumatica can give you an advantage.

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Don’t Pay Extra to Grow

Scalability, or the ability for a system to grow as your business does, is a key consideration for companies. Both Acumatica and NetSuite offer highly scalable platforms, Acumatica offers one key advantage, as it does not charge per user, meaning that your company does not pay more as it grows. The ability to add users without paying more is a long-term benefit to a growing company. Netsuite also charges for more advanced modules and functionality, something that does not occur in Acumatica.

Control Your Data, Wherever You Need It

Acumatica gives its users the ability to directly export its data into multiple systems and formats, including the ability to export directly into a relational database. This makes it simple for customers to transfer vital business data from their CRM or ERP system to other work systems. NetSuite, however, does not allow for this easy transfer, instead opting to play middle-man for your company’s data, complicating the process any time a data export is required. This policy also has the effect of causing issues when migrating away from NetSuite, complicating the potential transfer of vital business data to the new provider.

Customization Options: Limited or Limitless?

NetSuite, despite unarguably being a top-of-class option for potential customers, suffers from a glaring lack of customization options. This is primarily because NetSuite chose to rescind user’s access to the application code and database. NetSuite also inhibits any attempts at customization by only supporting their proprietary programming language, not any other, more standard languages. These decisions effectively tie the hands of company’s who choose NetSuite into using the default system functionality. Acumatica, however, does not have these barriers to customization, allowing users a wide variety of options for enhancing the already top of the line platform for their specific needs.

Who’s in Control of Your Security?

Acumatica offers several different security configurations for their customer’s to select from, giving you a say in how your businesses data is protected. This is in stark contrast to NetSuite, which only offers their default security solution. This means that NetSuite users are relying entirely on options chosen by someone else to protect their data. This ability to choose a setup combined with the power of AWS, the top-rated SaaS provider, make Acumatica the clearly superior choice when it comes to security.

Acumatica and NetSuite are both top-of-class ERP providers, each with their own pros and cons. While a point-by-point comparison is beyond the scope of this article, we have offered four considerations to take into account when choosing a new ERP provider.

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