How Has Your ERP Vendor Responded to The Pandemic?


2020 has been a year of previously unfathomable challenges. Businesses of all sorts have been rocked to their very foundations, many left fighting for their very existence. ERP providers have not been immune to this struggle, and much can be learned about a prospective partner by examining how they, as a company and provider, deal with crisis situations.

Proactive vs Reactive?

The biggest indicator of how a prospective provider approaches crisis situations is their overall approach. Many ERP providers, like many businesses across the spectrum, choose a wait-and-see approach, essentially trying to ‘ride out the storm’ of the global health pandemic. Despite ERP providers generally being on the cutting edge of technology, many chose a highly conservative approach, attempting to read the waves and crests of the market and navigate accordingly, despite the massive and ever-changing fluctuation. Others, such as Acumatica, proactively came up with a plan for how to approach the challenges that were ahead, emphasizing a focus on customers and prospective customers, as well as their employees.

Empowering Customers vs Hindering Them

As purveyors of business altering technology ERP vendors can often have a huge impact on their clients in unforeseen ways. Forward thinking providers such as Acumatica can add value to their clients by encouraging them to find out of the box ways to regain lost revenue, either by helping them embrace changes in operation or by encouraging them to pivot to other potential revenue streams. Less innovative, more conservative providers often leave their clients treading water, which in 2020 usually led to sinking. Forward thinking providers empower their clients as well as potential clients by providing them the tools and guidance needed to maximize their income despite the challenges the global health crisis has brought.

Acumatica – Leading the Way

Acumatica, a leading ERP provider, decided early on to act decisively and boldly in the face of the pandemic, and reaped rewards not only for itself but for its clients as well. By publicly announcing its policies to its partners and customers Acumatica cemented its place as a leader in the ERP field, even in the face of the unknown.

Some of the decisions made early on included:

  • Stopping any planned price increases
  • Implementing a formal process for any clients who needed assistance with subscriptions during the pandemic
  • A dedicated plan to work with customers and partners to protect their employees and their families

These decisions have enabled Acumatica to be one of the few businesses to not be forced in to laying any employees off from March to October of 2020. They have instead continued to grow and hire, showing prospective clients that partnering with a forward thinking, proactive provider is the best way to proceed, especially during times of crisis.

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