Acumatica Tips & Tricks: Correcting Project Invoice Forms Created in Error

Melanie Miu

You may have run into a unique situation in Acumatica in which a project-related invoice form may be generated in error from an AR invoice.

If you have a customer AR invoice (AR641000.rpx) and your project-related invoice form is incorrect, you may discover that the invoice is generated using a PM invoice form (PM641000.rpx).

This happens because the system determines which form to use based on the mailing setting on the project screen – PM641000 – for project-related invoices. The default setting for mailing ID = invoice, which is normally not active and will therefore use the mailing setting from the customer screen (AR641000).

To correct this, go to the project, then mailing settings and deactivate the mailing ID = invoice

Click Save and regenerate invoice. You should see this issue has been corrected. 

See the process here:


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