How Prime FoodService Software helps Food Distributors Meet Primetime Demand

While the spread of COVID-19 prompts “Stay-at-Home” or “Shelter-in-Place” orders from city and state governments and businesses everywhere seek alternative ways to keep operations going with a suddenly-remote workforce, we realize how reliant we all are on the people and organizations that must keep operating at top efficiency with reduced resources. One of these key “essential” industries that is getting a lot of attention right now is the food distribution industry.

 Food distribution organizations are asked to operate at more than their typical peak efficiency during this time and need to be agile enough to respond accordingly.

Unfortunately, for many food distributors, their outdated business systems are holding them back from being able to adapt as quickly as they would be able to if they were leveraging a modern, cloud ERP platform.

While, the food service distribution industry will always require hands-on people present and engaged in operations, there are ways to make these businesses more modern and mobile friendly so that more team members can work efficiently while remote.

See how to “Make Your Food Service Distribution Business More Mobile” here.

Prime FoodService Software is a complete, modern platform for food distribution businesses built into the Acumatica Cloud ERP framework.

Prime provides an agile foundation on which food distributors can build their processes to empower their customers, enter orders quickly, proactively buy and sell the right products at the right time, calculate catch weight, and have anytime, anywhere access to the real-time data that drives their business.

For food service distributors, Prime offers a uniquely complete toolset for moving their business forward into the future where they can proactively cross-sell and up-sell, effectively plan routes and trips, and stay top of mind with customers.

This has been proven by Palmer Foodservice, a family-owned food distributor in Shelbyville, TN, that has been able to outperform national brands in response to, first, the devastating tornadoes that ripped through middle Tennessee at the beginning of March and now the COVID-19 crisis. 

“I have never been more thankful that we are on “the Cloud”. I have spoken to many fellow foodservice companies that are not as fortunate as we are simply due to the capabilities that Acumatica has given us. We would not be doing what we are doing right now without it. You know better than anyone the shortfall we would be feeling right now operating in our old system. From my team to yours, thank you for being a partner in our success.”

“I am currently fully capable from my home office computer. The visibility and reporting at my fingertips are a lifesaver. I am homeschooling (the kids schools are closed for three weeks, maybe more) and running a multi-million dollar company from home. I never thought I would get here until Acumatica and NexVue (now Net at Work) came into the picture.”

– Liza Palmer Gipson, VP Sales and Marketing, Palmer Foodservice

Read more of Palmer’s Success Story here.

Learn more about all that Prime FoodService Software has to offer by viewing our recent webinar on-demand.

For Acumatica partners, Prime offers a unique opportunity to provide a modern solution to an essential industry that largely runs on outdated software.

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