BMT: Easily and Efficiently Managing Multiple Divisions in the Acumatica Cloud


Established in 1922, BMT Commodity Corp. is a diversified international merchant and distributor of industrial raw materials and cutting-edge products across a broad range of industries. Needing to manage several different industries at the same time from multiple branches spread over the world has been a constant pressure-point for this company.

BMT was struggling to move their business forward relying on a combination of manual processes and an outdated, server-based Microsoft Dynamics SL (Solomon) solution.

“The system that we were on, which was antique, running on multiple servers, had been crashing regularly, so we made the decision that we needed to do something new,” said Mike Seller, BMT’s CFO.

They chose Acumatica Cloud ERP to provide a reliable, modern cloud platform on which to manage their business.

Platform for Alignment

BMT has multiple divisions in the company that manage various types of products. As you can imagine, trying to juggle all those different moving parts without a centralized system would be difficult, to say the least. With Acumatica, BMT is able to use the same application to manage each of their divisions, but with the tailored needs that each division requires. This allows for a uniform process and a centralized view. They now can easily control the multiple businesses they have within their company.

According to Seller, “In Acumatica, I was able to take our different divisions, do pretty much the same applications but in very unique ways with multiple businesses within the business. Also, one of our organizations was based out of Puerto Rico at the time, so we had 24 users down there that needed access to the system in the same way that we do in New York.”

Acumatica gave them the flexibility to manage all of their divisions within a single system along with the technical stability and cloud availability to give everyone, regardless of their location, access to a modern, dependable platform.

Period-End Efficiencies

One thing that stands out to BMT is the amount of time their new system with Acumatica has brought. For example, their monthly closings were being manually entered by BMT’s Controller using mostly their old Solomon system. This meant it would take weeks to close a single month!

Now, they can run their P&Ls literally with the push of a button by item class division.

It’s Incredible. For me to do what was done in a week, now takes about an hour. So, efficiency wise, it’s just tremendous,” said Seller. “A lot of work that was being done manually, now is literally painless.”

Painless Upgrades

With the flexibility of the cloud and the capabilities of an experienced and efficient partner, upgrading to the newest functional releases of Acumatica have been very smooth.

“We’ve done quite a bit of customization, but I give NexVue credit, it was a seamless upgrade.”

Poised for Long-term Success

When asked where they see themselves in 10 years from now, BMT states that they are confident that Acumatica gives them what they need to grow or change direction.

“The company is 96 years old,” said Seller. “It’s reinvented itself 3 or 4 times in the last 100 years. The system that we have now with Acumatica, whatever we need to do, or how we’re going to reinvent ourselves, or taking a new direction, I don’t think we really need to worry about how we’re going to handle that. If it’s a new company, or a new class of product, or a new division, it really is a snap to grow or change direction. So, I think that we’re well poised.”


BMT transitioned to Acumatica to improve their processes and enable easier access to the system for their various companies and international team members. By being able to easily keep track of various divisions around the world, as well as create a competitive edge in the market, and making upgrades as painless as possible, Acumatica has set BMT up for long-term success.


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