Using Downtime to Focus Internally and Factor-In the Cloud for Future Plans

We are all adapting on the fly to dealing with today’s unique environment and a workforce that is moving to being more remote.  I have spoken with a number of clients in the last 2 weeks that realize that they must adapt their infrastructure for this new environment and move to the cloud to continue to, not only remain competitive, but to simply survive in the future. 

Companies are realizing that their employees and management have available time that can be used to focus on improving their internal processes, procedures and operations.   Although many may not implement new systems for months or even a year or two, having these great internal resources available to do the due diligence and evaluations of new cloud systems is invaluable.  Taking the time to understand how modern technology and Cloud functionality can significantly increase productivity, as well as preparing the organization going forward for mobile employees are now goals for every company. 

Employees have become comfortable with using new technology every day and are enjoying the convenience of using their mobile devices.  They have been waiting for business to catch up and provide them the same ease of use for their professional responsibilities as they experience in their personal lives.  Today’s modern ERP solutions are device and operating system agnostic, allowing employees to determine the device (laptop, tablet or phone) they want to use and feel comfortable that all upgrades and maintenance can be done in the cloud eliminating any required installation of device upgrades.

Recently the President of a client sent us the following “I have never been more thankful for the time that it has taken to get up in “the Cloud”. I have spoken to many fellow companies that are not as fortunate as we are simply due to the capabilities that Acumatica has given us. We would not be doing what we are doing right now without it.  I am homeschooling and running a multi-million dollar company from home.”

Moving your operations to the Cloud is now a “when” and no longer an “if”. Now is a great time to do your due diligence.

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