Evaluating ERP: Be Ready to Assess Your Risk


The final article in our ERP Checklist series is on Risk. Though situated last in our series, businesses should not mistake this consideration as being less important. This category encompasses several different types of risk possibilities, from unavoidable disasters to monthly cost savings.



An oft overlooked risk is the one inherent in partnering with a provider that does not have the knowledge necessary to tailor their service and support to your businesses unique needs. Partnering with a provider that has industry-specific knowledge and builds will lower the risk of costly implementation or post-implementation problems arising. The best providers will also be leaders in the technology space, employing rapid, cloud-based deployments. These high-powered technologies mean that response time and uptime are both massively increased compared to other providers. These top-tier vendors also handle upgrades internally, saving businesses time and money.


The possibility of cyber-attack is an unfortunate reality for businesses in the 21st century, regardless of what industry they are in. For this reason it is vital for companies to consider what security protections are included in their ERP solution. Top-tier providers will naturally have top of the line security services included as part of their service. These providers are almost always cloud-based, increasing the safety of your businesses systems and data.


Cloud-based solutions also serve as a vital disaster-recovery consideration. With the current global health crisis and the ever-unpredictable nature of natural disasters an on-site solution can often leave businesses in a state of uncertainty, or worse, completely down when these disasters strike. A cloud-based solution means your businesses’ data is never in danger of being lost to a natural disaster, and top-tier solutions also offer the ability for its users to access their data from anywhere, often through web-based interfaces or apps.


Choosing an ERP solution is a vital process and is never easy. This series of articles has been an attempt to help businesses set their priorities across the various considerations:

To help businesses we have an ERP Evaluation checklist which can be found at https://info.nexvue.com/checklist/. Using these articles and the ERP checklist will enable companies to choose the right top-of-line ERP solution for their needs.

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