The Value of Order Management to Enhance Your Business

Every business needs customer service of some sort. It can look like a number of things, depending on the type of industry, and for distribution based companies it is particularly vital. A key consideration for those in the distribution industry that can sometimes be overlooked is a quality order management system. If a company employs a modern, agile ERP such as Acumatica for Distribution, the benefits of an intuitive order entry system will be at their fingertips.

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Acumatica’s top of the line order management system allows users to address customer issues immediately and accurately, ensuring a rapid resolution. What’s more, it empowers businesses with the tools to proactively prevent customer issues from arising in the first place through its future focused technology, such as automated processes and increased visibility.

Automated sales and fulfillment processes work to remove the element of human error from the equation. This also frees employees to focus on other work, lowering the cost of workflows across departments.

Another dramatic improvement offered by Acumatica for Distributors is the streamlined and easy to use inventory controls. Inventory systems are perhaps the single most vital component for distributors- the entire operation can live or die by their success. When businesses use old fashioned solutions such as spreadsheets or monolithic, unsynchronized systems, inventory can become a major problem. Acumatica for Distribution features high-visibility into all inventory in the system via a centralized database. This information is accessible to all users regardless of position in the company- no longer ciloed in one department. Acumatica also offers in-depth, customizable reporting functions ensuring that no one is ever out of step with the actual inventory situation.

By investing in a modern, agile ERP system offering top of the line order management distributors of all ilk position themselves to be leaders in the market moving forward.

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